2017 Top 51 Angels Prospects Countdown

Scout.com announces their Top 51 Angels' Prospects Countdown

Over the past four off-seasons, Scout.com and it's Los Angeles Angels' affiliate, InsideTheHalos.com, embarked on a project to build perspective on the future. The ultimate goal was to give the readers an in-depth look at Angels' prospects that no others can provide. Scout.com is proud to announce their fourth installment of a prospect countdown, Top 51 Prospects Countdown.

Reaching our half decade mark, InsideTheHalos.com will bring you articles on the top 51 prospects in the Angels' farm system. We take pride in giving the readers the best insight on each prospect and what the future holds for the Los Angeles Angels, and feel there's no better way than bringing you information on the very best prospects in the organization.

Beginning Wednesday, December 7th, we will begin our Top 51 Angels Prospect Countdown for 2017, as voted on by InsideTheHalos.com staff, beginning with #51 and closing it out with the very best prospect in the farm system.

Scout.com Senior Publisher, Taylor Blake Ward, sat down with his staff, contributors and others within the industry to look at each prospect in the Angels organization, and help put together a list of Angels prospects they felt were the cream-of-the-crop. With the help of broadcasters, minor league staff, scouts, teammates, and others in the industry, we have finalized our countdown and are ready to expose it to you, the readers, in an attempt to give knowledge of each prospect to the fullest extent.

It was a challenging decision to cut the countdown in half from 100 in 2015 and 2016, back down to 51. However, the content made available will be much more pleasing to the reader, and will give you only the best within the organization.


It took months for our analyst to break down each prospect, and evaluate using their own knowledge and assessment, but with certainty, each minor leaguer was seen and brought to the attention of the voters. With our highest mark of ballots created, 19 members expressed their opinions on the organization and placed a ballot with their top 50 prospects in doing so.

If a player was listed #1 on a ballot, they received one point. If #2, two points. So on and so on. The player with the least amount of points were listed at the top of the list, down to the ones with the most at the bottom of the list. In total, 152 players were noted on the 19 ballots.

Qualifications for eligible prospects excluded any player who has surpassed their MLB Rookie Designation. That consists of 130 (or more) at bats, 50 (or more) innings pitched, or 45 (or more) days on the active Major League roster. This ruled out players within the organization such as Deolis Guerra, Greg Mahle, Ji-Man Choi, and others.

NOTE: All eligible players acquired after December 25th will be considered in the final countdown, after consultation with the voters.


Each article will consist of five prospects, excluding the first one which will have six. A scouting report, statistical breakdown, charts and graphs, what's in store for their immediate and far future, and personal notes will be noted for each prospect.


Premium articles posted will be available to subscribers to Scout.com only. If you are not yet a subscriber to Scout.com, you can join today for a little as $7.95 a month after our seven-day FREE trial, and will be able to real all premium content on the Scout Media Network. Once signed up, subscribers may receive Sports Illustrated on a year-long trial for FREE.


InsideTheHalos.com loves hearing your opinions. Feel free to reach out to us using our free message boards, available to all. Following each article, a new thread will be posted in the forums of both InsideTheHalos.com, as well as ScoutingBaseball.com, where you can debate and express your own opinions (any profanity or expletive content will be removed immediately).


#46-51 - Coming December 7th

#41-45 - Coming December 14th

#36-40 - Coming December 21st

#31-35 - Coming December 28th

#26-30 - Coming January 4th

#21-25 - Coming January 11th

#16-20 - Coming January 18th

#11-15 - Coming January 25th

#6-10 - Coming February 1st

#1-5 - Coming February 8th

Once the countdown has finished, Scout.com will have some extra tid bits for you to gander at, consisting of a final look at the Top 100, A Best of the Rest, and an All-Angels Prospect Team.

2017 Top Angels Prospects : The Final Results - Coming February 15th

Angels Prospects : Best of the Rest - Coming February 22nd

2017 Scout.com All-Angels Prospect Team - Coming February 23rd

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