Rule-5 Fever or Rule-5 Headache for Angels?

It was a busy day for the Angels, during the Rule-5 Draft.

"Rule-5 Fever" suddenly turned into "Rule-5 Headache," when it was announced Justin Haley had been selected by the Angels, traded by the Angels, and then traded by the Padres. The 25-year-old pitcher found humor in his situation, putting on the bio of Twitter page, "Former Red Sox, Former angel, Former Padre, current Minnesota Twin," following the events of the day.

Yes, the Angels were active during the Rule-5 Draft, selecting four players in total, and losing the same amount. With the 10th slotted pick in the draft, the Halos were able to have the advantage of the A's and Phillies having full rosters, garnering the eight pick of the Major League portion.

That pick was used to select Justin Haley, a right-handed pitcher from the Boston Red Sox organization. Haley, 25, held a 3.01 ERA in 2016 between Double-A and Triple-A. Though there isn't much flair in his scouting report, Haley is an MLB ready starting pitcher with command of his low 90's fastball, and fringe to average off-speed offerings.

Following the draft, Haley was traded to San Diego in exchange for cash considerations. He was immediately traded to the Minnesota Twins in exchange for pitcher, Miguel Diaz, who was the first pick in the Rule-5 Draft.

In the minor league portion, the Angels landed a trio of minor leaguers, beginning with infielder, Matt Williams from the St. Louis Cardinals. Williams, 27, has hit .260 with a .704 OPS in his six-year career as a minor leaguer. Playing second base, third base and the outfield in his career, a scouting report from's Derek Shore notes; "Williams is a versatile, organizational utility-type with a questionable bat."

The Angels also selected catcher, Mario Sanjur, from the Tigers, and left-handed pitcher, Adrian Almeida, from the Mets. Sanjur, 20, has just a .593 OPS in 152 minor league games, but has thrown out 40% of runners. Almeida, 21, has a 3.65 ERA and 9.4 K/9 rate in 160.1 innings. A text from a scout noted that Almeida pitches in the low 90's with poor command, but has a curve with "60-grade potential." Neither player has played above Low-A.

Though no Angels player was selected in the Major League portion of the draft, four were taken in the Triple-A portion. Anthony Bemboom, a defense first catcher, was taken by the Colorado Rockies. Harrison Cooney, a hard throwing swingman who has reached 98 MPH, was selected by Boston. Both Cal Towey and Alex Yarbrough, who were considered top organizational prospects in the past, landed with Miami. Yarbrough, 25, still has potential to be a starting second base at the Major League level, according to a text from a scout.


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