Angels Prospect Interview: Brendan Wilson

Brendan Wilson was shaken to the core after an elbow injury sidelined him last year and it spawned control problems down the stretch. He is looking to 2006 for his breakout year.

Now that you have been with the Angels for two years, do you feel you know what to expect?

Brendan Wilson: I think I have a pretty good understanding of what to expect thou some things change but you just take it in your stride.

How do you feel you did this past year with Orem?

Brendan Wilson: I had a pretty bad year. It started reasonably good and I had a good extended spring. I had an elbow injury and never got back to pitching how I was before that. My final two innings of the year which weren't recorded in my name on the stats were my best for 2 months so I finished on a positive outing which was good to come home to and work on.

You missed several weeks in July due to injury. What was the injury?

Brendan Wilson: I injured my elbow, it wasn't anything as serious as Tommy john however if I kept pitching it may have lead to that surgery. I ended up missing almost five weeks.

And when you came back you had some struggles, was it lingering effects of the injury?

Brendan Wilson: The injury was mostly gone but the confidence and lack of pitching meant I had lost my command.

It seems that command has been one of your biggest problems - is that something that becomes a mental problem?

Brendan Wilson: Earlier in the year I could miss my spots and then I lost it all and had the injury, example I had two walks in 26 innings in extended and three in 13 innings in Orem and then after my injury I had something like 12 in four innings. It was a confidence problem in trying to do too much and be to perfect. I never sprayed the back nets or anything I usually around the zone just not being able to put it all together.

You seem to really bear down with men in scoring position. How does your approach change with men on base?

Brendan Wilson: This is a tough question to answer. I'm thinking that I get so annoyed that I put myself in this situation that I become determined to get out of it. It's something I've generally done well throughout my career and when pitching here in Australia is get out of those tough situations. I really don't have a different thought process that I am aware of right now.

What are your goals heading into 2006?

Brendan Wilson: My main goal is to have good spring training and give myself and the angels every chance to send me to Cedar Rapids and have a good solid injury free full year of baseball.

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