Angels Prospect Interview: Cody Fuller

Last year, the Angels took a late-round flier on Cody Fuller, a two-sport star at Texas Tech. The fleet-footed outfielder signed quickly and got to Rancho just more than a month later. We caught up with him to discuss his first full season, his goals, and what it's like to come into one of the most talented systems in the minors.

It's obviously been a whirl-wind year for you. Did you know you were headed to the Cal League to start your first full year of professional ball?
Cody Fuller:Knowing last year that I finished pretty well out here, I had a pretty good feeling that I had a shot to come back and that was my goal ultimately. I got a feel for where they wanted me when I was starting with the Double-A team to begin spring training, and then towards the last week of the pre-season, they brought me back down here, so I felt pretty certain that this is where I was coming and I'm really glad that I'm here.

Obviously, you've had a great start to the season. Are you doing anything differently mechanically at the plate, or just seeing the ball really well right now?
A little bit of both. I'm seeing the ball well, but I think a lot of hit has to do with finally getting to the point where hitting has become a little more simplified for me. I've really worked hard to get to the fundamentals of a swing, as far as Tye Van Burkleo's concerned. I think I've really grasped a couple a couple of concepts that are going to carry me to the next level.

In terms of the approach, is that something they worked on with you during spring training, or were those areas you went home after the season last fall knowing you were going to hone?
Since day one, the first thing they do is evaluate you and let you do your thing. And then once you start struggling a little bit, they start working with you. From the very beginning, what we were trying to do was get my lower half – my legs – into my swing. It'd always been an upper-body thing for me. I'm really starting to feel what that means every swing, and that helps you adjust more quickly. So from pitch to pitch I'm able to correct a certain swing so I can make solid contact more often.

And how are you feeling in the field?
Oh, great. Defense is something I take a lot of pride in. I love playing in the outfield and love doing well out there. I feel great out there.

You're someone who really seems to fit into the organization's approach as a player. Did you have any sense last year that the Angels were looking at you?
A little bit. I knew being a senior sign it wasn't going to be a guaranteed deal with anybody and hopefully I was just getting a shot. The Angels took a chance, and I didn't know, but I thank Kevin Hams, the scout who drafted me, a lot.

What are your goals for the season?
I'm just trying to prepare to get myself to the big leagues. I want to be consistent at the plate. I want to be a team motivator and team winner – I want to help this team win and basically, just to get better and improve in every facet of the game.

Being in a system that's pretty highly regarded provides both some challenges and some opportunities for you as a young player. How do you go about preparing yourself with the talent that's in front of you in this system?
The same way you'd approach it if you were in an organization that didn't have the talent above you – you've got to get better. It doesn't matter what organization you're with, once you get to the big leagues, if you didn't develop the skills needed to produce up there, then you're not going to stick around very long.

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