FutureHalos Prospect Interview: Jarrad Page

In an Angels draft class that features a number of two-sport athletes, perhaps none is as intriguing as the club's seventh round choice, centerfielder - and defensive back - Jarrad Page. We reached the former UCLA Bruin in Kansas City, where he is training with the Chiefs, to talk about the choice in front of him and his game on the diamond.

When Jarrad Page was selected in the seventh round of the NFL draft by the Kansas City Chiefs, it wasn't a huge surprise. The six-foot, 200 pounder was second on the Bruins in tackles and broke up seven passes to go with an interception in his senior season.

When he was selected in the seventh round of the MLB draft by the Angels, it was much more of a surprise. Although he is inarguably a great athlete, he hit just .195 in two seasons with the Bruins baseball team and didn't play at all this year.

But Page has shown some upside, both at the plate and, in particular, in the field, and the Angels will control his rights for a full year if they can't come to an agreement before September.

Were you surprised when the Angels took you as early as they did?

I had talked to them and I had worked out for them, so I knew about where they were going to draft me.

It obviously puts you in a position where you have a choice to make. Are you leaning one way or the other right now?

Right now, I'm just really happy that I've been acknowledged in two professional sports, being drafted by two teams in different sports. I haven't decided on everything of what sport I'm going to do. Right now, I'm out here at football, concentrating on our OTA's right now. I'm just happy to be acknowledged in both sports and the biggest thing for me now, I'm just going to see what happens.

Do you have a sense of your time frame for a decision?

I'm not really sure on all the time frames because I haven't finished talking to both sides and working on all that. I know I'm definitely going to be here for all the OTA's and, as of right now, for training camp and all of that too. That's the only thing that I have scheduled right now is the stuff with the Chiefs. I'm still working on stuff with [the Angels].

Is there some chance you will pursue both?

I don't know at this point. I'm not quite sure, but I guess I'll know more as things unfold a little bit more.

Describe your approach at the plate when you are on the field.

I've got some power. I'm a free-swinger. I like watching Vladimir Guerrero hit, because I feel like a lot of my favorite pitches are "bad pitches." I can hit pitches that aren't necessarily in the strike zone. Baseball is something, I think, getting professional training and being able to play a lot more would help me with my average, but other than that, I think everything else is ready to go.

When you were last on the field regularly, you struggled a bit for UCLA.

All the stuff I was doing on my own. I think it really shocked the Angels when I came to work out with them and the things I was doing for them at the workout, I think they really didn't expect my skills to be at that level that they were. I think that's why they took me so high. I feel like I love the game of baseball. I've been playing it since I was four. Yeah, I did struggle last year, but it was just the situation. Things just weren't right for me to perform. And I know, under the right situations, I know what I can do. I had done it my whole life. I had a pretty good redshirt freshman season at UCLA and my redshirt sophomore season just didn't go the way I wanted it to, but I feel confident that I can do it. I know in every other category that my skills are ready to go to the next level. I mean, my defense, my arm, speed, power and all that stuff, and I know the hitting's there because I've done it before.

How do you feel about your prospects with the Chiefs right now.

I'm feeling well. I've been practicing well and picking up the defense pretty quick. I'm having fun out here.

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