Trevor Reckling mature beyond his years

Mature beyond his years, Trevor Reckling, the Angels eighth-round pick in the 2007 MLB, has plenty of options coming out of high school. Will he sign? That is up to the Angels.

At 6-foot-3, 200-pounds, Trevor Reckling provides room for advancement in his physical maturity, even if his mental edge is well refined.

The left-hander has a wide frame that says he can add weight to it comfortably and his hope is it also adds a few ticks to his fastball.

Reckling also tosses a slider and a "show-me" curveball to keep hitters honest. His changeup is his out pitch, something he has worked hard at developing over the last few years, a rarity for a high school arm.

Being picked in the eighth round was the culmination of his work throughout his high school career with his coach, Edwin Ortiz.

"It showed the success I have had and that all my hard work has paid off," Reckling said. "My dad and coaches taught me all the hard would pay off in the end."

That does not, however, mean he will sign. Reckling has a scholarship waiting for him from the University of High Point in North Carolina.

"It is pretty much up to the organization right now," he admitted. "We will have the (scout) come back down next week and see what is going on from there."

That does not mean there isn't a lure. The Angels, like any major league team, offer instruction that can't be found at the college ranks.

With a set plan, Reckling, who sits in the high-80s with his fastball, believes he can be hitting 93-94 MPH with the heater by virtue of hard work.

"Right now, I am 88-91 MPH but I want to get my fastball velocity up," Reckling said. "I want to try and get up to 93-94 with the development I receive in the Angels' system and me working out hard everyday."

And how does one accomplish that?

"It is rough," he noted. "You have to work at it. This is something I will have to work hard at doing if I choose to sign. I will have to work at it consistently every day.

"This is my job so I will have to work at it. If I have to put extra hours in – I will get back to all the small things to generate arm speed and if I don't have it then I don't have it and will use what I have to the best of my ability."

The Newark native has upside and the Angels will have to reward him justly or he will head to school. A bright kid who is mature beyond his age, Reckling has a tremendous work ethic and drive to succeed. The days ahead will tell whether that is for the Angels or at the college level.

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