Angels Prospect Interview: DeAndre Miller

DeAndre Miller recorded his first hitter of the year after going hitless in his first three games and reached base four times Sunday night while adding his second stolen base of the year.

Do you know anyone on the Angels?

DeAndre Miller: A good friend of mine is Chris Pettit. We played in the outfielder together. We both played for the same summer teams and I got a chance to play with him in college too.

He is going to be a great mentor for me. I hope to learn a lot from him and become a strong leader myself. He is an All-Star too.

What do think is a part of your game that you need to improve upon?

DeAndre Miller: To be honest with you, I need to improve in all my facets of my game. I don't know if there is one that is weaker than any other. I would like to put some more weight on and add some strength. I am pretty strong for my size but would like to get even stronger and just work on my game in all facets. There is not one particular thing – there is room to grow in every area.

You mentioned being a table-setter – is speed your best asset?

DeAndre Miller: My biggest asset is actually my plate discipline, getting a good pitch to hit and staying within that. Going with an approach and staying in that approach. I have never had lower than a .420 on base percentage. Getting on base is my game. Having a high confidence level and getting something started for the team. It seems like it has always been that way.

Talk about your defensive ability.

DeAndre Miller: That might be one of my really strong points. Playing centerfield – I love to play it. I only made one error last year and that was given to me cheaply on a ball that I tried to cut off in the gap. It hit off my glove as I dove to reach for it. I take a lot of pride in working at it in practice. My hitting coach was also the outfield coach and we practiced hard. He stressed it hard and we practiced the fundamentals.

You can't concentrate too much on hitting because you are going to fail sometimes and you have to be able to help the team out in other ways. I feel like I do that on defense. I have thrown out some baserunners and strengthened my arm – that is another big part of my game and I have been very accurate.

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