Angels Prospect Interview: Terry Evans

Terry Evans was just another kid that had obvious power but a low batting average prior to 2006. Things came together for the powerful outfielder last year and he has continued the trend into 2007, culminating with a brief stint with the Angels that saw his first hit leave the yard.

The slugger mashed his way to the big league club for his brief cup of coffee – surely not the last time he takes a sip.

In 69 games for Triple-A Salt Lake, Evans has raked at a .324 clip with 27 doubles, 11 homers, and 50 RBIs. The only thing he doesn't do is walk – he has earned a free pass just 11 times on the year.

We caught up with Evans to discuss the turning of the tide, if the strikeouts are a worry and more.

You had a great season in 2006 and seemed to have picked up where you left off this season. How are you feeling at the plate?

Terry Evans: I started feeling better the last couple of games. I was missing pitches early in the count, which was causing me to get behind in the count and then forcing me to hit a pitcher's pitch instead of my pitch. I feel like I am definitely on the way up.

You missed some time during the AFL with the leg injury but was there anything you were able to take away from the experience in terms of your own development?

Terry Evans: I feel fine now because I got the chance to rehab down there instead of playing after a long season. Hanging out with those guys – a bunch of veteran guys to be around was really good for me and see how they carry themselves, learn from them just from talking instead of playing.

Three different moves last year – how does it feel to come into this year with a set plan and knowing your role?

Terry Evans: It is nice to be in a comfortable situation but you never know what can happen. I never saw that trade coming last year. You don't know what can happen tomorrow. I love it here.

You have been all over the lineup since coming here. Where do you feel most comfortable as a hitter?

Terry Evans: Honestly, it doesn't matter. One through nine is all the same to me – as long as I am hitting it does not matter.

What kind of approach changes do you make when you are in that leadoff spot as opposed to the seven-hole – something that has happened for you?

Terry Evans: The only difference in the leadoff spot and the seven-hole is you have to leadoff the game. After the first inning it is all the same. The first inning is the only difference.

Does coming to an organization that doesn't necessarily mind high strikeout totals help your approach at the plate, and how do you balance being too aggressive at the plate?

Terry Evans: I am not trying to let the strikeouts get to me. If I go up there and get defensive and tell myself not to strikeout that is going to take away from my game. Basically, I try and stay aggressive throughout the whole at bat and hopefully the strikeouts will take care of themselves as I get older and see more pitches.

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