Angels Prospect Interview: Robert Mosebach

Robert Mosebach has had his struggles this year. The Florida native has had spurts of being really good and stretches of ineffectiveness. Finding consistently good starts is his goal heading down the stretch.

Playing for the High-A Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, Mosebach sports a 8-5 record with a 4.27 ERA over 17 outings. He has tossed shutout ball three times and allowed two runs or less in seven games. Mosebach has, however, also been lit up for six or more runs on four occasions.

With two months to go in the season, the right-hander is looking for consistency.

Talk a little bit about the off-season and what the goal was coming into this year.

Robert Mosebach: I tried to relax and recover. The strength was down and I wanted to relax and get my mind off baseball. Two months before the season I start getting back to lifting, throwing my pens and getting mentally focused, as well as physical – try and hit my spots.

You threw a lot of innings last season. Was there some worry for you in regards to stamina and how you will be at the end of this year?

Robert Mosebach: The last couple of games of the year I was fatigued. The velocity was still up but it didn't feel like I was strong like I usually am in the sixth inning. Mentally, I was exhausted. I couldn't really tell you what happened at the end. Hopefully, this season it won't happen again. Physically, I am better endurance-wise than I was last year.

On the mound, has there been a focus for you on a particular pitch or changing any pitches?

Robert Mosebach: No, I am trying to establish three pitches and establish control of all three. If I can make myself any better, I will do whatever I can. I am also trying to increase the strikeout and allow less walks. I have had a little bit of accuracy problems but it is nothing I can't fix in the pen.

What are the expectations for you the rest of the way?

Robert Mosebach: I want to get to 15 wins. I want to have quality outings, keep the ERA down, help the team out and get a ring this year. We fell short last year, but we have the team to do it this year.

You mentioned some location issues you wanted to work out in the pen – how does that come together? Does it just one day snap into place and you are fine again?

Robert Mosebach: There will be games – for example there was a game where I fell into a ‘mental rut' where you can't throw a strike. You can go into the pen and throw a 100 in a row. Once you get out there and hit this mental rut you can't throw a strike. I don't usually walk in runs and I walked in a few.

It is something you have to fix by clearing your head and not worrying so much mechanic-wise. Give it what you got. Grip it and rip it – as long as you don't walk that guy.

It is easier said than done. Forgetting about what happened in the past is the toughest thing to do in this game.

Robert Mosebach: That is the thing – a lot of pitchers forget about their bad outings and pretend like it never happened.

Nick (Adenhart) was dominating. He had seven wins in a row and then one bad outing – but what made him such a great pitcher was that he forgot about it and went back about dominating and firing balls in there again. That is what makes a great pitcher over an average pitcher. If you keep dwelling on the past your future won't be very good.

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