Angels Prospect Interview: Jay Brossman

A record-setting standout at Utah, Jay Brossman was taken by the Angels in the 36th-round. Since then, he has become the hottest hitting player in the organization.

Brossman is Utah's all-time hits leader and also owns career marks for RBIs, doubles and total bases but he has brought his show to Orem, Utah.

He is in the midst of a 12-game hitting streak and is swatting .417 on the year over his first 21 professional games. He also has an RBI in five straight games, knocking in seven over that span.

His current hitting streak has seen him go 26-for-51, a .510 average, with a .554 on base percentage.

Some would kill for a start like that.

Talk to me about the start of this year and what you are feeling like at the plate. I know you had a four-hit games already – but what is the comfort level for you right now with the wood bat considering your success?

Jay Brossman: It is going good. I am just excited to be playing baseball right now and being with the Angels organization.

I am getting used to the wood bat and the pitching is a little better – they throw a little harder – it has really boosted my confidence these first couple of weeks to know it is not that different. It is still baseball. You still have to catch the ball and hit the ball.

In that regard, it feels good to get off to a good start and build the confidence for the rest of the season.

Is there a little bit more of a comfort level playing in Orem since you are a Utah guy?

Jay Brossman: I am from Washington originally but being that I played at the Orem Owlz field – it is Utah Valley's State homefield and at Utah we played them probably six times a year so I have played at our home stadium 15-20 times over the last three years so it is nice to be here. I have gotten accustomed to the field, how the playing surface is, the lighting and the backdrop of the hitters eye.

It is good to be home. I have a lot of friends in Salt Lake who can come down and watch me play. Being around the area feels at home and feels really good.

You were drafted in the 36th-round – was that a spot you felt comfortable with being selected or push you towards proving people wrong?

Jay Brossman: That is out of my hands. I was just glad to be picked up. At that point, I was hoping to be picked up in any round. They usually push seniors down and they drafted me at third base and I actually played first base my last year at Utah. Getting an opportunity to play baseball is the real enjoyment. I am thankful for the opportunity to play.

Mentally because a player was drafted in the 15th round who was second-team All-Conference and I was first-team shows me where I could have gone. But, it is not a big deal at all. I am just glad to be picked up and glad to be an Angel.

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