Angels Prospect Interview: Trevor Bell

Lansing, MI-- Trevor Bell has made slow progress since coming into the Angels organization in the summer of 2005. A former supplemental first-round pick, Bell came into the organization with a live arm and a high ceiling.

Although Bell has admitted to some struggles, at only 20-years old, he has much to learn about how to pitch, and how to use his plus pitches to get outs.

In his first year at Low-A Cedar Rapids, Bell is 4-4 with eight no decisions. His ERA is at 5.27, but has struck out 65 batters while giving up only 20 free passes.

How have you grown as a pitcher since spending the last few years in the Angels organization?

Trevor Bell: I think I've turned into a pitcher. In high school I was more of a thrower, and now I can definitely consider myself a pitcher. I've gone through struggles—currently going through struggles. I've just learned a lot.

You were injured and missed about a month during the season. How have you managed to get back in the rhythm of pitching every five days after that injury?

Trevor Bell: The groin injury was rough; it was my first baseball injury. It was rough on me mentally and obviously physically because a groin is tough to come back from. I've been in it ever since—working hard, and thank god I'm back in the rotation every fifth day.

You once gave up five home runs in a three-game span, before that you had never given up many home runs. You mentioned some of the struggles, how are you trying to work out of the struggles and back to consistency?

Trevor Bell: It's funny, before I hadn't given up any, then five out of nowhere. That's what I've learned from the coaches and other teammates that it's part of the game. At first you think you're invincible and you're doing pretty well, then it goes to nothing. That's how the game is, and it's coming back from adversity.

You mentioned the transition from high school to professional baseball. With learning to pitch, what have you been doing to develop secondary and third pitches?

Trevor Bell: I think it's been my main focus, as far as pitching right now – being able to throw those pitches in the counts that I want to throw them in. In high school I was kind of going in and blowing the ball by them, maybe make them chase a curveball in the dirt. That doesn't really work here, because the hitters are a lot smarter.

Have you found that some of the mechanical things that you did so well in high school, that got you here, were changed when you got to spring training? How has that transition been with taking on some of the instructional things that the guys have given you since becoming an Angel?

Trevor Bell: Those are some of the main things that they first changed when they saw me. They're all ex-big leaguers, so they changed mechanics, arm slots, and pitches, and it's for my own good. Some of the stuff has been really tough to deal with, but if that is what needs to be done to move up a level, then that's what going to have to happen.

What do you see yourself doing throughout the rest of the season to consider the season a success and move up—maybe getting a September call-up to High-A ball?

Trevor Bell: I think to just produce on the mound. I need to stick with my stuff and stay confident. It's easy if I'm struggling to call this year in, but that's not the way it goes and you just have to deal with it and come back.

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