Angels Prospect Interview: Jay Brossman

It would have been easy to see some sort of slide for Jay Brossman. Given his torrid start it would have been quite acceptable. As each game goes by, however, Brossman continues to connect.

Through his first 52 games with the Orem Owlz, Brossman has only hit .374. He has 19 extra base hits and 40 RBIs, hitting a robust .411 with runners in scoring position.

Things have gone well.

Now you were the career doubles leader with the Utes – but what do you consider to be the real strength of your game?

Jay Brossman: I guess I consider myself someone that likes to put the ball in play. I am also the career hits leader over at Utah. I can hit for power but that is not my strength. I like hitting for average and I have always been around a .340-.350 hitter and I think my average in college was .361 over four years.

I like to think I am a guy who puts the ball in play, will put the pressure on the defense and hit line drives into the gap. I don't necessarily try and swing for the fences – you get lucky every once and a while but more of a gap-to-gap hitter who likes to put the ball on the line and run the bases.

The Angels are a team that is pretty aggressive at the plate. How does that play into your game? Do you feel like you have to be more patient at the plate?

Jay Brossman: It is a catch-22. It is always good to be aggressive at the plate and jump on fastballs early in the count but the higher up you go – and now playing professional baseball in the minor leagues – it really comes to knowing your strike zone.

The more you go outside of your strike zone and swing at pitches outside of your personal zone the harder it is to hit at this level. At college you could get away with it with the aluminum bat and also the pitchers can spot up as well. At this level you need to key in and make sure the pitches are in your strike zone. In that regard, you have to be more patient. If you swing at a pitch outside your zone that is going to put you in a tough count.

You mentioned to us that you played first base and now are at third base pretty regularly. First, have you played third before and how is the transition going back to the position?

Jay Brossman: It is going really well. I have played third before. I played it my freshman and sophomore year in college. I have two and a half years of third base at a pretty high collegiate level. I am accustomed to it.

It is a little bit different with the wood bat. Balls aren't coming at you as hard and I have more time to react compared to aluminum bats. It is where I always liked to play. Being at first was to make our team better at Utah. I took one for the team but being back over there this year as an Owl has been fun. It still is getting accustomed to looking at the pitch from the other side of the diamond. That took me a couple of practice sessions but it is kind of like riding a bike – you get used to it and it becomes second nature.

What do you think would be a successful year for you in the Pioneer League as we head into the final month?

Jay Brossman: It is a development year for me. I am trying to get used to the wood bats. It is better pitching. Honestly, it would be nice to win a Championship as a team.

Personal goals – get better and learn something everyday. You can always learn something from the people you are playing with and the coaches at this level. Tom Kotchman has been around the camp forever and he knows a lot of stuff. He is the most knowledgeable man I have ever played for. Learning about the game and I would also like to hit and play defense well – and get a chance to move up the organization as well.

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