Astros Turf Podcast: Predictions and Analytics with Owen Watson of FanGraphs

In episode 6 of the Astros Turf podcast, we talk with Owen Watson of FanGraphs about analytics, life, baseball and of course, the Houston Astros

A lot of this episode is general baseball talk, but Owen and myself bring up some recent Astros-related FanGraphs articles which are linked below. We talk about some of our predictions for the 2016 season, share some details about how we got to where we are at this stage in our careers, and whether or not Carlos Correa will make history in his age 21 season. 

It's a fun conversation, and I hope you enjoy! Also, if you have any suggestions for the tech difficulties, please DM me on Twitter at @baseballmiamor or contact me via e-mail at astrosonscout@gmail.com

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