Top prospect, Alex Bregman, is reassigned. The race at first base gets even better

Jeff Luhnow is making moves, and it starts with top prospect, Bregman

The Astros have made their first major moves since camp got underway. According to multiple sources, the Astros have reassigned four prospects to minor league camp. Most notable is last year’s first-round draft pick, shortstop Alex Bregman. In six games, Bregman was 1-for-10 with 2 walks, and a stolen base, confirms. Bregman showed much promise by hitting the ball hard during the spring, but just isn’t quite ready for the show, yet. Jose de Jesus Ortiz, of, quoted Bregman in saying, “I learned a lot while I was at camp, I learned a lot from veterans, [and] making some adjustments at the plate.” Bregman then went on to say, “I also learned that I definitely can play at this level and play at this level soon.” Along with Bregman, infielder J.D Davis, and outfielders Derek Fisher and Jon Kemmer were sent to minor-league camp. Fisher and Bregman are expected to start in Corpus Christi this year. These four guys will soon be a part of the exciting future for the Astros. With the incredible depth of the organization, Luhnow is in no hurry to push these guys through to the big leagues.

Along those lines, Luhnow hinted about other future moves. The most anticipated starting position this year in the Houston organization is heating up. The first base position is still anybody’s job. Jon Singleton, who hasn’t done much this spring, is the primary candidate. He has been in the organization the longest and has the most major league experience of the other contenders, however, he is hitting a dismal .105. He has had the most opportunities, playing in 80% of the games thus far. While leading the team in strikeouts (9), he also is tied for third in RBI’s with 3. His production at the plate has remained consistent, though, being that it had continued to be consistently bad, I still believe that Luhnow will give him a month or so to prove himself. Tyler White, Matt Duffy, and A.J Reed are the other three players expected to be behind Singleton. Each of them has demonstrated why they deserve the job. White and Duffy are tied second on the team in RBI’s (4), and both Reed and White are hitting over .350, respectively. I don’t see Reed making the team just yet, due to how young he is and his value to the future of the team. White and Duffy will continue to speak through their play, with Reed not too far behind them.

We are only 12 games into the spring training, and there is so much more to do, with no team being completely set, just yet. Be on the lookout for future moves in the organization as there are less than three weeks of spring training left. 

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