Houston Astros March Madness

Our good friends at Climbing Tal's Hill have started up a bracket filled with 64 of the finest Astros fans on Twitter and we need your help!

My former site, Climbing Tal's Hill on the FanSided network, is having a little fun this weekend as they have put together a bracket filled with Astros fun. Both this site and myself were fortunate enough to be included in the running, and voting is already well underway. At the time of this writing, only 13 hours remain to vote in their Twitter poll, so if you have a Twitter account please follow the links below and show your support for both the site and myself while also finding some fellow Astros fans to follow on Twitter! 

I am in the Correa Regional and am engaged in an epic battle with one of their current staff writers, Michael Knight. To vote for myself (or...Michael), all you have to do is vote below! click the link The voting has been very close, but Michael holds a slight edge at the moment. 

In the Altuve Regional the site is faring much better, currently holding an 81% to 19% advantage which is one of the largest margins at the moment. It's not, however, the biggest gap. That belongs to Orbit who is up 92 to 8. I can obviously see the confusion, as we are Astros in Orbit, so voters were likely meaning to vote for us but voted for the green mascot instead. It's okay though, you can rectify this right now. following the link

Every now and again CTH likes to do little games and fun things like this to engage the fan base, so if you like what you're seeing give them a follow as well @astrosCTH

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