WATCH: Marisnick Guns Down Ellsbury

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Yankee third base coach Joe Espada decided to test Jake Marisnick. Unfortunately, his decision was wrong.

Two outs, runners on second and third. Bottom of the ninth. Every fan in Yankee stadium is on their feet. 

With the game on the line, Gary Sanchez delivers a base hit to left field. Aaron Judge scores easily, and Jacoby Ellsbury comes flying towards third.

Third base coach Joe Espada is left with a decision; do I or do I not test Jake Marisnick?

You can't really blame Espada for making his decision. I mean who even is Jake Marisnick? The dude barely plays and looks more like a Calvin Klein model than a professional outfielder. You think he's gunna gun down a 21 million dollar All-Star?


It's no longer up for debate-- Jake Marisnick is a bona fide Major League Baseball player.

Marisnick catches a lot of heat for being a shitty hitter. He receives more slander on #AstrosTwitter than any other player and many think he doesn't even deserve to be on the team in the first place.

But Jake fills a role on this team only he can fill, a late-inning specialist who gives the Astros their best defensive outfield late in games. It might seem like a small role, but last night it proved to be huge. 

The series continues tonight as Lance McCullers faces off against young lefty Jordan Montgomery. First pitch 6:10 CT. 

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