11 run 8th Leads Astros to Victory

The Astros scored 11 runs in the 8th, marking the greatest comeback in franchise history.

Entering the eighth down 8-2, a Twins victory seemed like foregone conclusion. Fans were leaving the ballpark. Players didn't look interested. I was about to start watching youtube.

But with this Astro's team, you can't take anything as given. Our offense can go off for any any amount of runs at any given time.

A game is never over 'till it's over.

Josh Reddick led off the inning with a walk. Jose Altuve followed with a hit-by-pitch, and Carlos Correa singled to score Reddick. Carlos Beltran followed with an infield single, and the Astros had the bases loaded with nobody out.

At this point, we were still going to lose. Having the bases loaded was cute, but let's be honest. The Astros had never won a game when trailing by 6 after eight innings EVER. They were 0 for 659. I know we're good, but to think today would be the day would be foolish. 

After an infield pop-out from Brian McCann, Twins fans exhaled. They had recorded their first out, and things seemed to be back in check. Even if every runner on base scored, they would still have a two run lead. 

But when Marwin Gonzalez delivered a two-RBI single, the mood inside Target Field started to change.



The Twins still led by three, but you could sense something wasn't right. Whether it was the impending rainfall or the potency of the Astro's lineup, some force was about to unleash it's fury.

After a diving play from shortstop Jorge Polanco, the Twins had recorded their second out.


Another exhale. Thank God this wasn't going to happen. I mean how horrible would that be-- giving up a six run lead with six outs to go? On Memorial Day? When the opposing team handed you the victory by allowing Jordan Jankowski to toss 2.1 abominable innings? What an embarrassment!

But with George Springer coming to the plate, some sort of drama was in store. And fittingly, two pitches into his at-bat, the umpires called a rain delay.

At this point, nobody knew what to think. How long would this last? Could the Astros still pull this off? Was this a ploy from the Twins?

Within ten minutes, the most unnecessary rain delay of all-time was over. Craig Breslow returned to the mound for the Twins, and George Springer stepped back in the box for the 'Stros.

Two pitches later, Springer laced a single to left.

The Astros were within one.

For the second time in the inning, Josh Reddick stepped to the plate. After everything that had happened, Astro's history was now in his hands. He could become the legend or the scapegoat. The hero or the villain. The man who completed the greatest comeback in franchise history, or the unfortunate man who prevented it.

With a 3-1 count, Reddick drove an inside fastball to center field. Eddie Rosario appeared to have a beat on it, charging in at full speed. He slid, but the ball deflected off his glove, spraying into no-mans land and allowing two runs to score.


Just like that, the Astros had done it. For the first time in franchise history, the Astros had overcome a 6 run deficit in the eighth inning. They had scored seven unanswered, and led the Twins 9-8.


At this point, Astros Twitter had gone crazy. No one could believe what had happened. Did he seriously just drop that? Did we seriously score seven unanswered? Were we seriously about to win this game?

The Astros weren't finished. Altuve singled, Correa walked, and Beltran delivered a three-run bomb, putting 11 runs on the board for the Astros in a single inning.


The Astros led 13-8. 

At THIS point, Astros twitter was in a state of complete ecstasy-- a mixture of pride, joy, astonishment and laughter.





It might be the most amazing game in Astros history. You will most likely never another game like it.

This year's slogan of #EarnIt is fitting, as the Astros have earned every one of their 36 victories. They have four wins in which they trailed by 5 or more runs, and 19 come from behind wins, most in the majors.

So to Astro fans--never stop watching until the game's over. To Astro players-- Salute.

The journey continues tomorrow as Mike Fiers faces off against Jose Berrios in the second game of the series. First pitch 7:10 CT.

Let's get it.

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