Oakland A's MLN: Extended Spring Roster

While regular spring training has come to an end, things are far from quiet at the Oakland A's minor league complex at Papago Park in Phoenix. Extended spring training is underway, and more than 50 players are in camp either readying themselves for regular season action or finishing off rehabs from injuries. Inside is the A's extended spring roster and some notes from camp.

Extended Spring Active Roster

Andres Avila
Andrew Bailey
Logan Chitwood
Scott Hodsdon
Ben Hornbeck
Ryan Hughes
Brett Hunter
Josh Lansford
Aaron Larsen
Jeff Lyman
Jose Macias
David Mota
Sean Murphy
Charles Mye
Argenis Paez
Chris Skaalen
Tyler Vail
Pedro Vidal
Michael Ynoa

Ryan Lipkin
Diomendes Lopez

Neudy Clime
Michael Fabiaschi
Chad Lewis
Josh Leyland
Miguel Marte
Hiram Martinez
Zhi Fang Pan
Jensi Peralta
Wilfredo Solano

Jeff Bercume
Jose Crisotomo
Vicmal De La Cruz
Rashad Ramsey
Aaron Shipman
Jordan Tripp
Josh Whitaker

The majority of these players are at extended spring training to prepare for the short-seasons with either the A's Arizona Rookie League team or the A's short-season A team in Vermont. However, there are a few exceptions.

Veteran minor leaguers Brett Hunter, Josh Lansford, Jeff Lyman and Ben Hornbeck are at extended to work on various aspects of their game to be better prepared to help a full-season squad team when there is an opening in a team's pitching staff.

Catcher Ryan Lipkin had an appendectomy during spring training, which set-back his preparation for the season. Once he has gotten his at-bats at extended, he is likely to be sent out to a full-season club, according to A's Director of Player Development Keith Lieppman. Right-hander Tyler Vail, who was the A's fifth-round pick last season, is at extended working on his command and a few mechanical tweaks. He is expected to be sent to Burlington once those aspects of his game have improved.

Dominican outfielder Vicmal De La Cruz, who signed with the A's for a six-figure bonus this November, is at extended to be introduced to the A's US program in preparation for the Dominican Summer League season. He will likely return to the States for the A's fall Instructional League.

Wilfredo Solano, the A's top international signing in 2009, participated in the A's regular spring training camp and he will stay in Phoenix likely for the duration of the summer and fall, as he will participate in the Arizona Rookie League season and then the A's fall Instructional League. A's 2010 second and third round picks Aaron Shipman and Chad Lewis are expected to stay in Phoenix through the extended spring season and then report to Vermont at the start of the New York-Penn League campaign.

That right-hander Michael Ynoa is on the extended spring squad is a good sign that his rehab from Tommy John surgery is going well. The A's are hopeful that he will be able to pitch for at least a portion of the season later this summer.

There are a handful of players who are at extended spring who are rehabbing from injuries. They can be sent out to clubs at any time once they are deemed healthy enough to play everyday. That list is below.

Players on Rehab/Disabled List

Michael Benacka
Andrew Carignan (foot)
Pedro Figueroa (elbow)
Jonathan Joseph
Brad Kilby (shoulder)
Ian Krol (forearm)
Arnold Leon (elbow)
John Meloan (elbow)
Julio Ramos (elbow)
James Simmons (shoulder)
Justin Souza (elbow)
Daniel Thomas
Matt Thomson (shoulder)

Chris Affinito
Joel Galarraga (shoulder)
Ryan Ortiz (shoulder)

Sean Doolittle (knee)

Michael Taylor (wrist)

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