Baseclogging: The Legend of Cara Mango

The 2012 season is over for the Double-A Midland Rockhounds and outfielder Jeremy Barfield. In his final blog entry, Jeremy reviews some highs and lows from his season and reveals his offseason plans.

Let it be known that I am indeed NOT referring to some girl named Cara Mango. This title is a reference to one of my teammates who I shall maintain his anonymity. It's a nickname given to him by the Latino players. It's by far the best nickname I've ever heard it translates to mango face. The best part about it is that he was the very last person on the team to know what it meant.

One of the games we actually did a Cara Mango (gotta roll the "r") chant in the dugout pregame. It was one of those Yankee Stadium crowd chants like, "Caraaaaa Mangooooo *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*" That was by far the highlight of the second half of the season for me.

Another highlight/lowlight would have to be when one of the guys thought it would be funny to have them play the Batman theme song for my walkout song my first at bat one game. He did this because I have a Batman decal on my car. He also took a picture of my car and instead of my head shot on the scoreboard they showed the picture of my car instead.

Not only did I strike out in that at-bat, but some fan thought it would be funny to come into the players' parking lot during the game and write "na-na-na-na Batman" on my car with shoe polish. I was furious at the time but looking back at it now that was pretty dang funny. Stay classy, Midland.

I maintained my perpetual goal of staying healthy the whole season. Physically this was the best I've ever felt throughout a season. My lighter frame really paid dividends for my conditioning. I only felt fatigued for a handful of games all season. What a blessing.

Overall the season was one of highs and lows, but I felt like I had my most consistent season to date. After the disappointing season I had last year I feel a lot better going into this offseason than a year ago.

I clogged more bases than last year. That's always a plus. As for the outfield assists I came up a bit short on 20 for the third straight year. That's understandable though because opposing third base coaches started holding up more baserunners.

As for this offseason I'm planning on playing overseas this winter. I can't wait, because I heard it's the most amazing baseball atmosphere outside of the Nippon Proffesional League. Not to mention I have a chance of banking some serious coin.

Thank you all for joining me this season as I embraced my non-prospect status and as always I'll be clogging up your Twitter timelines @Baseclogger. thanks Jeremy for his blogging contributions this season. Be sure to follow him on Twitter (@Baseclogger).

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