Q&A With A's 6th Round Pick Seth Streich

TROY, NY - Oakland A's sixth-round 2012 draft pick Seth Streich was a star two-way player for the Ohio Bobcats in college. As a pro, the A's were interested most in Streich's right arm. Streich sailed through an impressive professional debut season as a pitcher with the AZL A's and the Vermont Lake Monsters. Donald Moore spoke Streich.

As a top-10 round draft selection, Seth Streich would have been a closely watched player this season regardless of what kind of numbers he put up. However, Streich's statline was worthy of attention on its own. The 6'3'' right-hander from Ohio University dominated during his first taste of professional baseball.

Armed with a mid-90s fastball and a hard slider, Streich struck-out 48 in 37.1 innings for the AZL A's (2.2 innings) and the Vermont Lake Monsters this season. The Oakland A's 2012 sixth-round pick allowed only 27 hits and just one homerun while inducing 2.94 groundouts for every flyout. His ERA was 2.65 for the season.

Streich, whose older brother Tobias is a former minor leaguer with the Minnesota Twins, was mostly a reliever with Vermont, as the A's looked to limit his innings after he threw 75.1 innings for the Bobcats during his collegiate season. He is expected to be a starter next season. The former member of the Baseball Academic All-MAC team spoke with Donald Moore about his first pro season, the advice he received from his older brother and more...

Donald Moore: How is everything going this year for you?

Seth Streich: So far it's been a really good experience and I'm happy with my place with the organization so far, and I'm happy Oakland is giving me the opportunity to play for them. So far, so good.

DM: How are you adjusting to pro ball?

SS: I thought it'd be a lot harder than it is, but just talking to my brother [Tobias Streich] a lot before the draft, and going through the process with him because he played professional baseball in the Twins organization, I think it made the adjustment a lot easier. Just learning a lot from him being able to reflect on his experiences and push that on towards me.

DM: What do you like best about being a pro ballplayer?

SS: The fact I don't have school anymore.

DM: What is your greatest strength as ballplayer?

SS: I'm a competitor and I'm very determined and motivated to get better everyday.

DM: What are your goals for this season?

SS: Would have been to make the playoffs, but that's not looking so good right now. Skip [Manager Rick Magnante] talks a lot about how it's not how you start, but how you finish, so if I can finish strong, I'll be happy.

DM: Any pregame routines?

SS: Too many to tell you about.

DM: Favorite thing to do off the field?

SS: I like to read. I'm getting into books. I think it's important once school is over with and now that I'm just playing baseball, I don't let that aspect of my life kind of go away and so I kind of stay mentally sharp that way.

DM: Favorite team growing up?

SS: It was the Cardinals, but now I'm an Athletics fan.

DM: Favorite player?

SS: Well again, it was Albert Pujols, but he kind of abandoned the city, so right now, I'm still kind of thinking about that.

DM: If there is one person who taught you the most about baseball, who would that be?

SS: I would like to say my dad because that is kind of the cliche thing to do, and he has taught me a lot, but I think my head coach at Ohio University, Joe Cardone, taught me the most. Not just about baseball, but life off the field, too.

DM: Craziest thing you ever saw on a diamond?

SS: Man, this is a tough one. Just from what I've seen on TV when Randy Johnson hit a dove flying across the plate. That was probably the craziest thing I've seen.

DM: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

SS: Hopefully in the majors. I've got a lot of work to do, but I understand it's a long process and as long as I stay mentally tough, and keep working hard, it should work out for me.

DM: Seth, thanks a million for talking to OaklandClubhouse.

SS: Thank you.

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