Quick Hits With A's Prospect Jacob Tanis

TROY, NY - Oakland A's 2011 13th-round pick Jacob Tanis spent a second year with the short-season Vermont Lake Monsters after a wrist injury limited him during spring training. Tanis showed improvement during his second season with the Lake Monsters and finished his season on an up note. Donald Moore spoke with the Mercer University alum about his 2012 campaign and more...

A wrist injury prevented Jacob Tanis, the Oakland A's 13th-round pick in 2011, from opening the 2012 season on the roster of one of the A's full-season affiliates. However, after continuing his rehab through extended spring training, Tanis was healthy enough to be on the Opening Day roster for the Vermont Lake Monsters.

The 2012 season was Tanis' second with the Lake Monsters. He improved in nearly every statistical category in 2012, upping his average from .221 to .261, his OBP from .314 to .333 and his SLG from .279 to .336. Tanis had a solid June (.304/.360/.435) and August (.303/.382/.364), but he struggled in July (.221/.292/.284). A right-handed hitter, Tanis hit better against right-handed pitchers (.288/.372/.374) than he did versus lefties (.190/.224/.238). He split his time defensively between third base and first base.

Towards the end of the 2012 season, Donald Moore caught-up with Tanis for a Q&A.

DM: How is everything going this year?

JT: It's going pretty good. We hit kind of a rough patch here the last couple games and we had stretch on this road trip that was a little bit rough. But we had a good game tonight and we kind of bounced back after a rough start and we are starting to swing the bats a little bit better, so hopefully we'll come around and finish the season strong.

DM: What did you specifically work on in spring training after your wrist injury?

JT: Just really getting strength back and mobility and really just working at my approach at the plate. You know it really paid off in the start of the season, and I was really hitting the ball well, and I was seeing it well, and just felt really comfortable up there and through extended. It's still feeling pretty good, so I'm happy about it.

DM: What would you like to improve on?

JT: Probably pitch selection is still my biggest concern at the plate. On defense, just all around and getting any ball I can, increasing my range, arm strength, speed. I just want to be an complete player that can play multiple positions.

DM: What's your plans for the off-season?

JT: I think I'm going to take a couple of weeks off and rest up. But after that, maybe go on a few trips and relax a little bit, but get right back after it, and really train hard and prepare for next upcoming season.

DM: Jacob, thank you so much for your time and best of luck to you.

JT: Thank you for having me, I appreciate it.

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