NEWSLINE: Why Leach banned twitter

IF YOU WONDERED whether there was a catalyst resulting in the ban on player use of twitter by football head man Mike Leach on Tuesday, there was. The following is from the Murrow News Service at Washington State.

From the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication:

You may have heard that late yesterday, Coach Leach banned players from using Twitter. Many news organizations last night were reporting that it wasn't clear why Leach took the action.

In fact, the move is the result of an excellent piece of enterprise reporting for Murrow News Service by Joe Utter and Adam Lewis, under the direction of Prof. Ben Shors. The team discovered a series of tweets that contained what they described as "inflammatory language … that included derogatory terms for women and African-Americans" apparently posted by members of the football team.

They took the evidence to Bill Moos yesterday for comment and the result was the Twitter ban.

Their story can be read in full HERE.

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