To Be Determined

Manatee High star Cord Sandberg has had a lot to consider over the course of the past two years. Sandberg has had to consider giving up one of the sports he loves in favor of playing the other. As a state champion quarterback and a major league baseball prospect, Sandberg has different paths to choose from.

Cord Sandberg profile

After a strong senior season on the gridion, Sandberg put on his spikes and took to the baseball diamond in hopes of putting together a spring to remember.

While the talented center fielder had a nice season personally, team success was hard to come by.

"We had a tough year," said Sandberg. "I think we ended up like 11-14 or something like that.

"We had a lot of younger guys on the team, so we didn't have a lot of experience.

"One of our best players got hurt and he was out about a third of the year, so that was a problem.

"I hit about .418 and I had seven doubles, two triples and I only hit one home run.

"I am still pretty happy with how I played this year. I just wish we would have won a few more games."

With his final prep baseball season in the books, Sandberg will now begin to learn more about his options with professional baseball.

"I have some workouts coming up," said Sandberg. "Several teams have invited me to work out, but the only one I have set up for sure is the Rangers on May 11th.

"I will go to some other ones, but I am not sure which ones yet.

"We'll have a lot of meetings with teams in May. My family and I haven't really come up with a number yet, but we'll do that before we start meeting with all of these scouts."

Sandberg signed with Mississippi State to play football and that commitment is not something he has forgotten about.

"I still have a lot of passion to play both sports," said Sandberg. "The direction I end up going will be based on what happens with the draft.

"Once me and my family come up with a number, we'll just see if someone is willing to hit it.

"At this point, I don't know anymore than anyone else about where I might be drafted or anything like that.

"I haven't met with the area scouts yet, so I really don't have a lot of knowledge about what they're thinking."

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