Oakland A's Revised 2014 Top-50 Prospects

Now that we have concluded our countdown of the Oakland A's 2014 top-50 prospects, we are releasing our list to all readers (subscribers had a preview on November 18). This list includes a few revisions to take into account top-50 prospects acquired and traded away since the original list was released.

On November 18, we released our Oakland A's top-50 prospects list for 2014 to our subscribers. Over the past six weeks, we have been diving deep into that list, publishing scouting reports on all 50 of those players. Now that we have concluded that countdown, we are releasing the entire list for all readers to see.

Since our list was published, the A's have made a handful of trades that directly impacted that list. Consequently, we have revised the list slightly to account for those trades. Below is the new list, as well as the original list for those who didn't see it on November 18.

Our top prospects coverage isn't ending here. Over the next few weeks, we will publish scouting reports on the three players added to the revised top-50 list. We will also release a Beyond The Top-50 series, which will highlight several players that were considered for the top-50 list, but just missed the cut. In addition, we will host a live chat for readers interested in asking questions about the top-50 list, or the A's farm system in general.

For a complete index of our top-50 prospect coverage from this year and the previous eight seasons, please click here. So without further adieu...

Oakland A's 2014 Revised Top-50 Prospects List

1. Addison Russell
2. Raul Alcantara
3. Daniel Robertson
4. Billy McKinney
5. Renato Nunez
6. Matt Olson
7. Michael Ynoa
8. B.J. Boyd
9. Nolan Sanburn
10. Bobby Wahl
11. Chris Kohler
12. Dylan Covey
13. Max Muncy
14. Bruce Maxwell
15. Miles Head
16. Dillon Overton
17. Billy Burns
18. Drew Granier
19. Arnold Leon
20. Blake Hassebrock
21. Ronald Herrera
22. Bobby Crocker
23. Dustin Driver
24. Anthony Aliotti
25. Ryan Dull
26. Chad Pinder
27. Chris Jensen
28. Murphy Smith
29. Tucker Healy
30. Tanner Peters
31. Sean Murphy
32. Seth Frankoff
33. Iolana Akau
34. Jake Goebbert
35. Shane Peterson
36. Ryon Healy
37. Conner Crumbliss
38. Josh Bowman
39. Jeff Urlaub
40. Josh Whitaker
41. Kyle Finnegan
42. Sam Bragg
43. Vicmal de la Cruz
44. B.A. Vollmuth
45. Austin House
46. Aaron Shipman
47. Seth Streich
48. Ryan Huck
49. Justin Higley
50. Jean Carlo Rodriguez

Original Oakland A's 2014 Top-50 Prospects List, released November 18, 2013

1. Addison Russell
2. Michael Choice *Traded
3. Raul Alcantara
4. Daniel Robertson
5. Billy McKinney
6. Renato Nunez
7. Matt Olson
8. Michael Ynoa
9. B.J. Boyd
10. Chris Bostick *Traded
11. Nolan Sanburn
12. Bobby Wahl
13. Chris Kohler
14. Dylan Covey
15. Max Muncy
16. Bruce Maxwell
17. Miles Head
18. Dillon Overton
19. Drew Granier
20. Arnold Leon
21. Blake Hassebrock
22. Ronald Herrera
23. Bobby Crocker
24. Dustin Driver
25. Anthony Aliotti
26. David Freitas *Traded
27. Ryan Dull
28. Chad Pinder
29. Murphy Smith
30. Tucker Healy
31. Tanner Peters
32. Sean Murphy
33. Seth Frankoff
34. Iolana Akau
35. Jake Goebbert
36. Shane Peterson
37. Ryon Healy
38. Conner Crumbliss
39. Josh Bowman
40. Jeff Urlaub
41. Josh Whitaker
42. Kyle Finnegan
43. Sam Bragg
44. Vicmal de la Cruz
45. B.A. Vollmuth
46. Austin House
47. Aaron Shipman
48. Seth Streich
49. Ryan Huck
50. Justin Higley

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