Parker to Throw Full Compliment in Bullpen

MESA, Ariz. -- Bob Melvin says that his two Tommy John patients will be taking some lengthy bullpens today at Hohokam Park.

MESA, Ariz. -- Oakland Athletics pitcher Jarrod Parker has his first bullpen on Tuesday, throwing all of his pitches, and will throw 45 pitches, while A.J. Griffin will throw fastballs and change ups in his bullpen today, lasting about 40 pitches, said manager Bob Melvin.

Parker underwent Tommy John surgery in March of last year, and Griffin went under the knife for the same procedure in April. Both are expected back by June or July.

“They’re both on the same schedule – Tuesday-Friday,” Melvin said.

“There’s certain hurdles, so to speak, that you get through, and this is one where you feel good about it,” Melvin said of Parker. “He’s been spinning some breaking balls on flat ground, but to be able to throw on a mound and throw your full compliment [is big].”

Parker has said that he wants his curveball to be more prominent in his repertoire, as opposed to his slider.

“I think it’s more the slider that’s a little tougher [on the elbow] and that’s one of the reasons he’s talking about the curveball more,” Melvin said. “When he first was drafted by the Diamondbacks, and I was over there then, I remember him being more fastball-curveball. Certainly, the change up is his best off-speed pitch, and is one of the better ones in the game. To bring in another pitch, to change his plane, a slower pitch, it’s going to help him. If that’s what he’s comfortable doing, I’m all for it.”

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