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Oakland A's Earn Extra 2016 Draft Pick

The Oakland A's earned another draft pick for the 2016 MLB Draft, winning the second overall pick in the Competitive Balance Round A.

For the first time since 2013, the Oakland A's will potentially have an extra draft pick in the MLB Draft. The A's won the second-overall draft pick in the Competitive Balance lottery, meaning that they will have the second pick after the completion of the 2016 first round.

The Competitive Balance rounds of the MLB Draft are designed to give additional talent to teams operating in small markets. Every year there is a lottery for the 12 Competitive Balance selections. The first six Competitive Balance picks are considered Round A and those picks occur in between the first and second rounds. The second set of six Competitive Balance picks are considered Round B and those picks occur between the second and third rounds.

Unlike "normal round" picks, Competitive Balance picks can be traded before the draft begins. The A's had a Competitive Balance Round B pick for this year's draft, but they traded it away. The A's were shut-out completely from the 2014 Competitive Balance draft. In 2013 (the first year of the Competitive Balance draft), Oakland had a Round B selection, which they used on infielder Chad Pinder.

Having an extra high-round pick in next year's draft could prove to be very beneficial for the A's. Draft pundits are already saying that the 2016 draft class projects to be significantly deeper in terms of high-impact talent than the 2015 draft class. The A's are currently in-line to have a pick among the first 10 selections of the draft for the first time since 2010, when they selected Michael Choice 10th overall. The A's haven't had a pick higher than 10th overall since 1999, when the A's selected Barry Zito ninth overall. The A's took Mark Mulder second overall in the 1998 MLB Draft.

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