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Oakland A's Prospect Q&A: John Gorman, RHP

Oakland A's 31st-round pick John Gorman is pitching close to home with the Vermont Lake Monsters. Donald Moore caught-up with the Boston College alum.

John Gorman hasn't had to travel far from home for his first extended professional baseball assignment. The Massachusetts native made his professional debut with the Arizona Rookie League A's, but after just two appearances in the "Fire League", he returned to the Northeast as part of the Vermont Lake Monsters' pitching staff.

The Boston College alum was a starter during his last two seasons with the Eagles, but he is getting his feet wet in pro ball as a reliever. In his first 10 pro innings, Gorman has a 4.50 ERA. He has five strike-outs and eight walks, although three of those walks have been intentional. In four years at BC, Gorman had a 4.59 ERA and a 207:89 K:BB. He allowed just 16 homeruns in 237 innings pitched.

Donald Moore spoke with Gorman during a recent Lake Monsters' roadtrip about his adjustment to professional baseball and more...

Donald Moore: Hi John, how is everything going for you so far this season?

John Gorman: Not too bad so far. I've been up here for a few weeks now and I'm finally getting adjusted and started to really enjoy it.

DM: What are your goals for this year?

JG: To get acclimated, obviously, to pro baseball because it's different than the college level. So that is probably my main goal, but at the same time, I want to work hard and try to go out and have the best results possible. Performing on the field and meeting the new guys here and kind of getting acclimated are my main goals for this summer.

DM: What do you feel is your greatest strength as a ball player?

JG: A couple of things, one being a college senior, I've been through just about everything you can go through as a player, so nothing out here is going to surprise me. I'm not going to see anything I haven't seen before. I think another thing is I'm not going to go out there and be nervous. Being a pretty competitive guy, I'm going to go out there confident, but not overly confident to the point where it would be too much, but I think I have a decent confidence in myself. Whether I have the stuff out there or not, I'm going to go out there and act like I do.

DM: What would you'd like to improve on?

JG: I mean everything. I'm trying to learn everyday and you learn something different everyday. I think it is the main goal to learn one thing everyday that I think can help me moving forward.

DM: How are you adjusting to professional baseball?

JG: Pretty good so far. I am enjoying it. For me, I'm lucky. I live in Massachusetts and I live three hours from Vermont and all my family and friends are in the area. So it's been a pretty easy transition.

DM: What is the best thing about being a professional athlete?

JG: I guess I don't have to get up at nine in the morning to go to a job, but no, I mean baseball is something I have loved since I was a young kid. It's like a dream [to play professionally] and obviously it's just one step in that dream, but it's a dream come true.

DM: Any pregame routine?

JG: I haven't necessarily got a set routine down because it is a little different than when I started in college, but I definitely do the same amount of reps everyday and I do the same amount of throws at each distance and the same stretching in the bullpen during each game that I am available. I'd say that is kind of my routine.

DM: Any hobbies?

JG: I like to golf. I love playing Xbox and just kind of hanging around. We spend so much time on a baseball field, it's kind of my job and hobby at this point.

DM: Favorite baseball team growing up?

JG: The Boston Red Sox.

DM: If there is one person who taught you the most about baseball, who would that be?

JG: I guess my father since I've been around him. He was my little league coach growing up, and that was my kind of foundation that baseball came from and everything has grown off from those days.

DM: Craziest thing you ever seen on a baseball diamond?

JG: Junior year in college, at Boston College, we were playing University of Villanova, bases-loaded, one out, pop up in the triangle between the middle infielders and center, ball drops, but they thought they were going to catch it, a guy from third scores, the runners from first and second, instead of touching the next bases, they just go celebrate and they don't touch second and third, so we step on third and second base, and they call both of the guys out as they are celebrating and we win the game in extra innings. That was probably the craziest thing I ever have seen on a baseball diamond.

DM: Where do you see yourself in the your future regarding your baseball career?

JG: Everyone likes to see themselves in the big leagues and that is obviously the ultimate goal. But that's not what I come out here every day saying, "I'm doing this to get to the big leagues". Rather I'm doing this to get better every day and those small steps eventually and  hopefully lead me to that opportunity.

DM: Thank you so much for your time and the best of luck to you and your career.

JG: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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