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Q&A with Oakland A's 2016 7th-round pick Tyler Ramirez

Oakland A's 2016 seventh-round pick Tyler Ramirez posted a .482 OBP for the University of North Carolina this season. He has continued to show a good eye at the plate as a pro. Donald Moore spoke with the Virginia native.

For a second straight year, the Oakland A's used a top-10 round pick on an outfielder from the University of North Carolina. Last year, it was Skye Bolt in round four. This year, it was Tyler Ramirez in the seventh round.

Ramirez capped a strong three-year career for the Tar Heels with a standout junior season during which he hit .333/.482/.540 with eight homers and 10 stolen bases. Ramirez also drew a career-high 50 walks.

After signing with the A's, Ramirez spent a couple of weeks in the Arizona Rookie League. In eight games in the AZL, he hit .286/.310/.536 with three doubles and two triples. Ramirez then joined the Vermont Lake Monsters. In 42 games for Vermont, he has a .238/.344/.354 line with two homers and 18 walks. He has also stolen three bases in three chances.

Donal Moore spoke with Ramirez during a late-July roadtrip about his transition to the pros and more...

The Interview

Donald Moore: Hi Tyler, how is everything going for you so far this season?

Tyler Ramirez: It's going great. It's been a good year so far .

DM: What are your goals for this year?

TR: Just keep getting better and striving towards doing my thing and improve my game.

DM: What do you feel is your greatest strength as a ballplayer?

TR: My ability to really do anything on the field, whether it's stealing a base, hitting a home run, making a diving catch when we need it.

DM: What would you'd like to improve on?

TR: My approach at the plate. Get more consistent.

DM: How are you acclimating to professional baseball?

TR: Pretty well. It has definitely been an adjustment, but I think I am getting more and more used to it everyday.

DM: What is the best thing about being a professional athlete?

TR: Hanging out with all of the different guys that you meet. It's a lot of fun, and it's fun playing against other guys that you know that are on other teams that are pros now in this league .

DM: What is the hardest thing about professional baseball?

TR: Playing everyday is definitely different. It's one of the hardest parts, just getting your body right, getting your mind right to play everyday.

DM: Any pre-game routines?

TR: No, not really. 

DM: Any hobbies?

TR: I like to surf.

DM: Favorite baseball team growing up?

TR: Detroit Tigers.

DM: Where are you originally from?

TR: Suffolk, Virginia

DM: If there is one person who taught you the most about baseball, who would that be?

TR: Probably Matt Simmons. He was my coach growing up from when I was nine to 15.

DM: Craziest thing you have ever seen on a baseball diamond?

TR: I couldn't tell you. I've seen so many crazy things in my life.

DM: Any off-season plans?

TR: Getting back to Chapel Hill and working out and just hitting and getting better, stronger, bigger, faster.

DM: Thank you for your time and the best of luck to you and your career.

TR: Thank you.

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