Lew Wolff (left) and John Fisher (right); Photo by Kelley L Cox / USA TODAY Sports Images

John Fisher takes the helm as Oakland A's ownership shifts

The Oakland A's announce a major shift in their ownership team, as majority owner John Fisher takes over as Managing Partner and Dave Kaval assumes the title of President.

The Oakland A's announced a major shake-up in their leadership team on Tuesday. Longtime Managing Partner Lew Wolff has stepped down from that position and John Fisher, the majority owner of the club, takes over in the Managing Partner role. In addition, club President Michael Crowley is leaving to take on an advisory role with the organization. Dave Kaval, who was previously President of the San Jose Earthquakes soccer club, takes over as the A's new President.

The change is a significant one, as Wolff and Crowley have been the face of the A's ownership group for the past 11 years. Wolff spent 11 years as the day-to-day representative of the A's ownership group. He officially assumes the role of Chairman Emeritus and he is selling all but a small stake of his shares in the club.The A's have been looking for a new stadium for more than 20 years and Wolff spent much of his time as Managing Partner as the public face of that stadium search. Fisher will assume that role. The new A's Managing Partner has been speaking more publicly about efforts to build a new stadium for the A's in Oakland in recent months. As one of the owners of the San Jose Earthquakes, Fisher helped that club build a new stadium, which opened in 2015.

Kaval, who takes over as the A's President, was intimately involved in the building of the Earthquakes' Avaya Stadium. He spent six years as the head of the Earthquakes, and before that, Kaval founded the independent Golden Baseball League in 2003. 

In a statement released by the A's, Kaval said: "given my longstanding love of baseball and my experience building Avaya Stadium, I am enthusiastic to join the Athletics as the Club pursues a world-class ballpark in Oakland for the best fans in baseball.”

Crowley moves into an advisor role after nearly 20 years as the A's President. He began his time with the A's under the previous ownership group of Steve Schott and Ken Hoffman. 

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