Stockton Ports Looking For Host Families

The Stockton Ports announced on Monday that they will continue their Host Family Program for the upcoming 2005 baseball season. The Ports are seeking host families from the Stockton region to participate in the program.

According to Stockton Ports media staff, the Ports are looking for families to "host" players during the 2005 season by introducing them to the community and welcoming them into their homes. The Stockton Ports have used this program successfully in past seasons.

The Host Family Program, similar to an exchange student program, is designed to help players get acquainted with the community and fans, and adjust to moving to a new area. According to Stockton representatives, the program is also a chance for the Stockton community to show a genuine interest in the development of these players off the field as well as on. The Ports tout the fact that many past Host Families have developed friendships with the players and enjoy watching the players progress in their careers onto the Major Leagues.

The Ports are looking not just for families in a position to host a player in their home, but also those who might have a home, apartment, room or even furniture they are interested in leasing to a player.

Individuals or families interested in learning more about the Host Family Program or in talking with families who have participated in the past can contact the Ports front office staff at (209)644-1900.

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