Straight A's: Bronx Bombers Invade Oakland

The New York Yankees come to Oakland to renew the historical rivalry between the two storied franchises. Columnist Robert McGlinchey gives his take on the long-time match-up.

Security goes on red alert, as the Yankees roll into town.

With the average attendance for each game just over 20,000, Athletics management could personally assign a security guard to each person. Not so when the Yankees are in town.

The Athletics are expecting near sellout crowds for the three game series against the Yankees. Security will be as tight as an International Airport. After all, the Yankees are America's team!

It seems Yankee oppression is in every city and state. Whether you live in Seattle or Texas, Yankee fans usually find there way to the opposing stadium to support the pinstripes.

I guess when you win 26 Championships you are allowed to beat your chest a little. Yankee fans are not shy about this. Love them or hate them, the Yankees are always the talk of the league.

What most baseball fans do not know is that the Athletics are second in championships in the American League. The Athletics have nine titles in their history. If the Yankees did not exist, the Athletics would be top franchise in the American League in rings.

These two franchises have been meeting since the beginning of time (or at least the American League). Even though the Yankees and Athletics have had some interesting head-to-head match-ups over the years, the Yankees still lead the historic series in wins. The Yankees lead over the Athletics is narrowing a little bit over time. However, with 1080 wins and 741 loses to the Athletics, the Yankees feel no need to panic.

If these two were successful men, the Yanks would be Donald Trump, while the Athletics would be Mark Cuban. The Yankees are buttoned down and conservative and no nonsense. The Athletics are laid back and casual and fun.

When these two get together, worlds do collide. I hope, someday the Athletics can overcome Yankee oppression in the American League. But by the time this happens, I will be in a retirement home wearing pampers and no memory of baseball!

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