Rehab Interview with Chad Bradford

Oakland A's reliever Chad Bradford is rumored to be on his way to Boston in exchange for outfielder Jay Payton. However, for now, Bradford is still part of the A's organization and he is continuing his rehab from back surgery with Oakland affiliates. He made a stint in Stockton this past week. Stockton Correspondent Daniel Ray caught up with Bradford and asked him about his health and just when he will get back to the majors.

Chad Bradford had back surgery in early March after his back locked up from spasms that wouldn't go away during spring training. After several months of resting and rehab, Bradford was ready for his minor league assignment.

"After surgery, I stayed home for two months, then I went out to phoenix and started the rehab with pool therapy and also some basic therapy," Bradford said.

"After that I started really getting specialized with our personal trainer. Started doing a lot of strengthening with my back and just eased into baseball activities after that."

The A's renowned submarine reliever was assigned to Class-A in Stockton this past week and had three strong one-inning outings.

"Physically I felt good," Bradford said. "I feel like I'm getting more command on my pitches. I felt good about making some pitches that maybe I haven't made in the last couple of outings."

"It's just one step at a time," Bradford said. "I'm just trying to build off of each outing. Hopefully I can do this again and improve upon what I did."

The week spent with the Ports brought back old memories of Bradford's minor league days, but the new ballpark in Stockton is a type of field that he recalls never seeing.

"In the clubhouse all the guys were kind of close knit, they would hang out together all the time," Bradford said.

"That's kind of the way I remember it. Actually this place is really nice. I remember going to a lot of dumps, a lot of places were just bad. This place is probably the nicest Class-A facility I've ever been to."

Bradford believes he is ready for the majors once again and has already set a personal goal for the remainder of the season.

"I want to just try to get back after the All-Star break," Bradford said. "Try to pick up where I left off in the four years with the A's organization. And just continue what I've been doing."

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