In-Season Splits: Jason Perry

Throughout the season, we will take a look at the in-season splits for various Oakland A's prospects. For our second "In-Season Splits" article, we take a look at Midland Rockhounds outfielder Jason Perry.

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Hit and Run Machine

Jason Perry entered this week with the second highest batting average of any minor league baseball player. He missed six games from 4/16 to 4/23 with an ankle injury, but the injury didn't slow his bat at all. In 20 games, Perry has had a hit in all but two of them. He has had 11 multi-hit games, including a five game stretch of multi-hit games that saw him go an incredible 14-21.

All of those hits have resulted in a lot of RBI opportunities for Perry's teammates, and his Midland pals have been delivering with him on-base. Perry has scored 22 runs in only 20 games and has scored in 15 of the 22 games he has played in.

Good Against Both Hands

Last season, Perry struggled against left-handed pitching. He hit only .212 with four homers in 113 at-bats versus southpaws. Against right-handers, Perry hit .273 with 18 homers in 322 at-bats. This season has been a different story thus far for Perry.

In the early going, Perry seems to have fixed what ailed him against lefties last year. He is hitting an even .400 versus southpaws with three extra-base hits (including a homer) in 25 at-bats. Against righties, Perry is hitting .429 with seven extra-base hits in 56 at-bats.

Home Sweet Home

The Texas League is filled with long road-trips and home-stands and Perry was hurt for half of the Rockhounds' only home-stand of the season thus far. Consequently, Perry has only had four games in front of the home crowd. However, if the Rockhounds' next home-stand goes as well for Perry as the first one, his .420 batting average could be on the way up.

In four home games, Perry went 11-18 with two homers and six RBI. On the road, he is hitting .365 with six extra-base hits in 63 at-bats. This jives well with Perry's performance last season, when he hit .315 at home and only .210 on the road.

Free Swinging

All of Perry's statistics have been positive so far this season, except for one stat: his K/BB ratio. Perry has struck out 17 times in 81 at-bats and has walked only five times. Last season, Perry walked only 45 times and struck out 126 times. Throughout his career, Perry has struggled to keep his strikeout total low.

Reversing An Early Trend

In 2004 and 2005, Perry got off to very slow starts in April. In 2004, Perry's slow start resulted in a .198 batting average in 28 games that got him demoted from AA to A. Last year, Perry hit .233 in April before busting out of his slump in May, hitting .351 for the month. Perry struggled with inconsistency last season. His batting averages by month yo-yo'd dramatically going from .233 to .351 to .190 to .232 to .247 to .400.

So far this season, Perry is off to a better start then he had the last two seasons, hitting .426 in April and .385 in three games in May. The key to Perry's season will be to find the consistency that he had once he arrived in A-ball in 2004. That year, Perry hit .338 with a 1117 OPS in 83 games for A-Modesto after his early-season demotion from AA.

Clean-Up Not His Spot

With Perry's power, the temptation has always been to hit Perry in the fourth slot of the batting order. However, the fourth spot doesn't appear to be a comfortable fit for Perry. In nine at-bats this season as a clean-up hitter, Perry has collected only one hit. Last season, Perry hit .191 in 110 at-bats as the fourth hitter.

He seems to be at his best in the fifth and sixth slots in the order. Last year, Perry hit .286 with five homers in 77 games as a fifth hitter and .290 with five homers in 93 games as a sixth hitter. This season, Perry is hitting .429 with two extra-base hits in 21 at-bats as the fifth hitter and .615 with three extra-base hits in 13 at-bats as a sixth hitter.

Best With One Or No-Outs

Perry has had the majority of his success this season with less than two-outs. When leading-off an inning, Perry is 7-18 (.389). With runners in scoring position and less than two-outs, Perry is 9-21 (.429) and with runners on and less than two-outs, Perry is 13-35 (.371).

Those numbers fall when Perry comes up with runners on-base and two-outs. He is 0-7 with runners in scoring position and two-outs. And with runners on and two-outs, Perry is only 1-9. This trend isn't likely to continue based on his stats from last season. Perry hit .260 with runners on and two-outs and .246 with runners in scoring position and two-outs. Both numbers were very similar to his numbers in those situations with less than two-outs.

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