Quick Hits With Jason Perry, OF

For the second straight season, the Midland Rockhounds have an outfielder who is lighting up the boxscores in the early going. Last season, it was Andre Ethier who was among the league leaders in many offensive categories. This year, Jason Perry has catapulted himself into the top of the Texas League leaderboard. We caught up with the Texas League's leading hitter for a quick interview before the Rockhounds' game versus Tulsa on Monday.

Note: Through 5/07/06, Jason Perry was hitting .404 with three homers and 14 RBI. His .404 average is tops in the Texas League. The second-place hitter has a .365 batting average. He has been one of the top power-hitters in the A's system over the last few seasons and has been on the championships squads with A-Modesto, AA-Midland and the Phoenix Desert Dogs of the Arizona Fall League in 2004. For a more in-depth look at Perry's season to date, see "In-Season Splits: Jason Perry."

OaklandClubhouse: Congratulations on your fast start this season. Did you make any off-season adjustments that have helped out your swing?

Jason Perry: Yeah, actually, I made a couple of adjustments this off-season. I changed the angle of the bat and my bat placement.

OC: You missed a few games with injury a few weeks back. Are you 100%?

JP: I was out with a groin injury. It feels a lot better and hopefully it will hold up all year.

OC: You've been out in centerfield this past week. After being a corner outfielder, are they trying you at a new position or were you covering for injuries to your teammates?

JP: We've had a couple of guys hurt so they asked me to play out there. We've had a catcher playing the outfield some, so we've definitely been short-handed out there. It's a little different from playing a corner. The angles of the balls are different, but it hasn't been a big deal. I'm happy to play wherever they want me to play.

OC: Were you disappointed to be dropped off of the 40-man roster this off-season?

JP: Definitely. It's always disappointing when something like that happens, but they made their decision for a reason and I just have to work to get back to where I could be on the roster and, hopefully, in the major leagues.

OC: Are you hoping to get up to AAA this season?

JP: Sure, everyone wants to move up and I definitely don't want to be in AA forever because the ultimate goal is to keep moving up and someday make it to the big leagues. Getting to AAA is definitely part of that [process].

OC: Do you have any specific goals for this season?

JP: Not really any specific goals. Just to go out there and work hard every day and do the best I can to improve myself as a player in all areas of the game, as a hitter and a defensive player.

OC: What was it like when you were traded from the Toronto organization to Oakland?

JP: It was good. I didn't really know what to expect [when I was traded]. They called me in and told me I was heading to Oakland. When I got there, the guys were really great. It was a laid-back atmosphere and I had a lot of fun. It was a good transition.

OC: What was your Arizona Fall League experience like?

JP: It was great, probably my best experience as a professional player. I played on a great team with a lot of guys who are in the big leagues now and we won a championship. It was a very laid-back atmosphere and we all just had a lot of fun.

OC: With three minor league championships, is your trophy case getting full?

JP: [laughing] You can never have too many rings. Winning is what this game is all about and I have been fortunate to play on some great teams and winning always makes it more fun to be out there. The next ring I need is a World Series ring, though. I've got my share of minor league rings, so I'm definitely ready for a big league ring. [laughing]

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