Prospect Q&A With Carlos Gutierrez, OF

The Oakland A's recently made a pre-draft signing of prospect Carlos Gutierrez out of Elizabeth City State University. Paul Rathert caught up with Gutierrez to get his reaction to being signed and his thoughts and hopes for the future and more...

We've heard from the scout that signed him and his coach at ECSU. Now it's time to hear from the prospect himself. The following is a Q & A that took place shortly after Carlos Gutierrez signed with the A's, the first step on the road to someday becoming a major league baseball player.

Short Bio:

2-time CIAA (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) Player of the Year.

CIAA leader in several offensive categories including home runs and RBIs. Also led in AVG for players with more than six ABs.

ECSU record for home runs-single season with 15 and AVG-single season, hitting .548 last season.

CIAA all-time leader in runs scored, batting average, career doubles, career triples and career home runs.

CIAA Commissioner's Academic Team Honorable Mention.

Studying Physical Education and would like to open a Rehab Facility for injured athletes after his baseball career is complete.

Carlos Gutierrez Q&A

OaklandClubhouse: What are some of the feelings you experienced before and after signing with the A's?

Carlos Gutierrez: I was very overwhelmed. I was shaking as I signed the contract. It was also relieving to have finally made it.

OC: What are you looking forward to as you move towards playing professional baseball?

CG: I'm looking forward to maturing as a man on the field and off. The A's are a good team and tend to have strong farm systems and a lot of the players usually are promoted from within.

OC: What are some adjustments you will have to make as a professional?

CG: The quality of pitching improves, the velocity improves. Pitchers throw more pitch types. Not so much the switching of bat types [from metal to wood], but the pitching itself [will be the biggest adjustment].

OC: What outfield position do you prefer to play?

CG: I went to right at ECSU because they had a senior centerfielder. I like playing center because you get to command the outfield and lead.

OC: Are you looking forward to playing baseball in Canada? Have the A's prepped you for what it will be like there?

CG: Neil Avent told me I was heading to Scottsdale first, but that the weather would be colder in Vancouver once I go there, colder then I'm used to out here in New York.

OC: What were some of the differences growing up between your time spent in the Dominican Republic and your time spent in the Bronx?

CG: The climate was different. New York is also fast paced and the Dominican is not like that, it's more mellow. Same with the South, things are more laid back. I played on a Dominican Summer Youth team in 2002 and got offered a contract by Cincinnati.

OC: What is your family life like?

CG: Both of my parents are Dominican, I have two older sisters. I'm the youngest. My mom was the hard-worker that worked to keep the family going. She wasn't able to graduate college, having left the Dominican to come to America, so she wanted to provide the best for us.

OC: What are some things you do in your spare time?

CG: I try to stay active. I try to run a lot; I don't like to be a couch potato. I ride bikes, jog and do calisthenics. I like to read. I finished reading Moneyballl about two years ago actually. It's kind of funny that I ended up with the A's.

OC: What did you think of the book?

CG: I enjoyed the book; I think it's interesting that they are so focused on stats.

OC: Who are some players you looked up to as a boy?

CG: Ken Griffey Jr., Manny Ramirez. When Manny was younger he played in the youth service league in New York that I played in. Julio Lugo, he's not too big a name yet, but he's a hard working player and he also played in youth service league.

OC: Did you play other sports?

CG: Basketball and football, but mostly for fun and to stay active. You can't play baseball in New York in the winter.

OC: What is your favorite part about baseball?

CG: The intensity, it's not a fast-paced sport so you have to concentrate, especially in the late innings. I like the pressure sometimes, too, especially with a runner in scoring position and two-outs.

OC: Why do you think you flew under the radar for so long?

CG: Out of high school, my grades weren't the best. I thought I was a good player, but that might have kept teams from being interested in me. After high school, my mom put things in perspective for me and I matured in life and it helped me improve in that area. I realized that if I did well in school that I would have a degree to fall back on.

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