2007 MLB Draft Coverage

OaklandClubhouse.com and the Scout.com network are teaming up to provide comprehensive coverage of the 2007 MLB draft. Below, you will find our network coverage of the 2007 Major League Baseball Amateur Draft.

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Oakland A's Prospect Q&A with 33rd Round Pick John Quine
Oakland A's Prospect Q&A with 32nd Round Pick Bryan Collins, RP
Q&A with A's 15th Round Pick Brad Hertzler
Q& With A's Supplemental First Round Pick Corey Brown
Q&A with 11th Round Pick, Michael Richard
Q&A with 10th Round Pick, Danny Hamblin
Interview with Fifth Round Pick, Andrew Carignan
Interview with A's Supplemental First Round Pick, Sean Doolittle 1B
Q&A with A's 7th Round Pick, Lance Sewell
Q&A with A's 13th Round Pick, Justin Friend
Update on A's 2007 Draft Picks as of July 7, 2007
Q&A with A's 3rd Round Pick, Sam Demel
Q&A with A's 23rd Round Pick, J.D. Pruitt
Post-Draft Q&A With A's Baseball Operations Analyst Farhan Zaidi
Q&A with A's Sixth Round Pick Scott Hodsdon
Q&A With A's Scouting Director Eric Kubota On A's Draft
Q&A with A's 2nd Round Pick Grant Desme
Q&A with A's 9th Round Pick Eric Berger
Q&A with A's 8th Round Pick Daniel Schlereth
First Draft Day Scouting Reports for the Oakland A's Picks
Interview with A's first round pick James Simmons' head coach at UC-Riverside
2007 MLB Live Draft Blog
Draft Day Creates Questions for Stanford Cardinal
Final 2007 MLB Draft First Round Projections
Draft Report: Elite Eight
Draft Mailbag #7: Money Shaping Top-Five Picks
Profile and Scouting Report on A's Draft-and-Follow Signee Carlos Hernandez
2007 MLB Draft Q&A with Beau Mills
2007 Draft Q&A with Oakland A's Baseball Operations Analyst Farhan Zaidi
2007 Draft Mailbag #6: Sleepers and the Scott Boras Factor
Draft Q&A: Ryan Dent
Draft Report: Teams Zeroing In On Detwiler
Draft Prospect Q&A: Tanner Stevenson
Draft Report: Price Not Right For Rays?
Draft Report: First Round Taking Shape
Draft Preview Q&A with Jack McGeary
2007 Draft Preview: Ross Detwiler vs. Travis Banwart
2007 MLB Draft Mid-Season First Round Projections
2007 Draft Mailbag #5: Stocks Rising and Falling
Draft Preview: David Price vs. Nick Schmidt
Draft Q&A with Ross Detwiler
2007 MLB Draft Mailbag #4
Scouting Notebook: Week 3
Scouting Notebook: Week 2
Scouting Notebook: Week 1
2007 Draft Mailbag #3: Draft Positioning
2007 Draft Q&A with Jeffrey Eubanks
2007 Draft Q&A Ben Klafczynski
Scout.com's Updated List of Top 100 Prospects for the 2007 Draft
2007 Draft Mailbag #2: Brackman Ranking Too Low?
2007 Draft Mailbag: More Potential Picks
Pre-Season 2007 First Round Draft Projection
2007 Draft Q&A: Cameron Gray
2007 Draft Q&A: Chris Epps
2007 MLB Draft Order
2007 Draft Q&A:Justice French
2007 Draft Q&A: Kyle Brule
2007 Draft Q&A: Nicholas Hom
2007 Draft Q&A: Greg Annarummo
2007 Draft Q&A: Jace Hamilton
2007 Draft Q&A: Kyle Greenwalt
2007 Draft Q&A: Tanner Robles
2007 Draft Q&A: David Price
2007 Draft Q&A: Seth Blair
2007 Draft Q&A: Drew Cumberland
2007 Draft Q&A: Drake Britton
2007 Draft Q&A: Joey Hage
2007 Draft Q&A: Josh Smoker
2007 Draft Q&A: Jonathan Kaskow
2007 Draft Q&A: Daniel Elorriaga-Matra
2007 MLB Draft: Sizing Up The Relievers
2007 MLB Draft: Sizing Up The Catchers
2007 MLB Draft: Sizing Up The Shortstops
Top 100 MLB Draft Prospects for 2007 (as of June 13, 2006)

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