Oakland A's History: Non-Roster Players, P. 1

There have been scores of players who have tried out for the Oakland A's during spring training as non-roster players since the team's move to Oakland in 1968. Some of these players made the 25-man roster, while others trolled in the minors or disappeared from baseball. We have a list of all of the non-roster players who came to A's camp as non-roster players in two parts.

Billy Beane, Rich Gedman, Dave Valle, Damon Berryhill, Mike Hargrove and Dickie Thon are just a few of the names that have appeared on the Oakland A's non-roster invitee lists since the team arrived in Oakland in 1968. All information provided below has come from Oakland A's media guides dated from 1968 to the present, plus a few years filled in from Bruce Markusen's great A's book, Baseball's Last Dynasty, Charlie Finley's Oakland A's, published by Masters Press.

In addition, there are a few years in which the A's did not list any official non-roster players, including 1969, 1971 and 1976. The main reason for this situation was that then-A's owner Charles O. Finley had a habit of inviting minor league players to camp in order to save money by not paying them major league meal money and his reluctance to bring in free agent major league veterans, whose contracts Finley had to carry all season long if they didn't make the A's, clear waivers and then were sent to Triple-A.

This, of course, angered many of the A's players who disliked Finley's penny pinching antics and disrespect for their fellow A's minor leaguers.

This story has been broken down into two parts due to the large volume of names involved.

Part One of the List of A's Non-Roster Players From 1968 to the Present

(1968)- LHP Vida Blue, RHP Don O'Riley, C Jim Pagliaroni, C Tim Talton, C Gene Tenace, OF Floyd Robinson

(1969)- no listing

(1970)- RHP Darrell Osteen, RHP Don Boyd, C Gene Dusan

(1971)- no listing

(1972)- RHP Sugar Bear Daniels, C Billy Fitzgerald, 1B Gonzalo Marquez, INF Vic Harris, OF Bobby Brooks

(1973)- RHP Lew Krausse

(1974)- RHP Chuck Dobson, RHP Lew Krausse, C Frank Fernandez, C Tim Hosley, C Buzz Nitschke

(1975)- RHP Lew Krausse, RHP Skip Lockwood, RHP Roger Nelson, RHP Horacio Pena, RHP Mike Strahler, C Ike Blessitt

(1976)- no listing

(1977)- LHP Brian Abraham, RHP Brian Kingman, C Pat Dempsey, C Tim Hosley, C Bruce Robinson, 2B Mike Eden, 1B Jim Holt, INF Rich McKinney, SS Rob Picciolo

(1978)- LHP Brian Abraham, RHP Greg Cochran, LHP Terry Enyart, RHP Rich Lysander, RHP Gustavo Quiros, C Pat Dempsey, CDom Scala, 2B Darrell Woodard

(1979)- LHP Brian Abraham, RHP Ernie Camacho, LHP Terry Enyart, RHP Rich Lysander, C Pat Dempsey, C Dennis Haines, 2B Mike Adams.

(1980)- LHP Brian Abraham, RHP Rich Lysander, C Pat Dempsey, C Dennis Haines, 2B Mike Adams

(1981)- LHP Brian Abraham, RHP Dewayne Buice, LHP Keith Comstock, RHP Don Fowler, LHP Ron Jensen, RHP Rich Lysander, LHP Mark Souza, RHP Rick Tronerud, C Tom Colburn, C Jim Durrman, C Chuck Fick, C Terry Harper, C Tim Hosley, C Bob Kearney, INF Mack Babbitt, INF Terry Byrum, INF Keith Drumright, INF Bruce Fournier, INF Orlando Gonzalez, OF Derek Bryant, OF Mark Budaska, OF Ray Cosey, OF Larry Murray, OF Jim Nettles, OF Joe Soprano.

(1982)- LHP Brian Abraham, RHP Bert Bradley, RHP Dewayne Buice, RHP Chris Codiroli, LHP Keith Comstock, LHP Tim Conroy, RHP Ed Figueroa, RHP Dave Heaverlo, LHP Gorman Heimueller, LHP Chuck Hensley, LHP Tony Herron, LHP Dennis Kinney, LHP Jeff Kobernus, LHP Bill Krueger, LHP Mike Lynes, RHP Bo Mclaughlin, LHP Craig Minetto, RHP Eric Mustad, RHP Dave Patterson, RHP Rick Rodriguez, RHP Bill Swiacki, LHP John Vela, LHP Curt Young, C Bill Bathe, C Daryl Cias, C Jim Durrman, C Terry Harper, C Tim Hosley, C Scot Mitchell, C Mickey Tettleton, INF Kevin Bell, INF Jim Camacho, INF Mike Gallego, INF Danny Goodwin, INF Donnie Hill, INF John Hotchkiss, INF Steve Kiefer, INF Tim Pyznarski, OF Kevin Coughlan, OF Gary Dawson, OF Rodney Hobbs, OF Dennis Sherow, OF Myron White

(1983)- RHP Dewayne Buice, LHP Chuck Hensley, LHP Ken Kravec, RHP Steve Ontiveros, RHP Rick Rodriguez, LHP Rich Wortham, LHP Curt Young, C Bill Bathe, C Daryl Cias, C Dave McKay, C Charlie O'Brein, C Mickey Tettleton, INF Donnie Hill, INF John Hotchkiss, INF Steve Kiefer, OF Ronnie Harrison, OF Ricky Peters, OF Tom Romano

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