Extended Spring Training Q&A: Andrew Bailey

Coming off of a strong professional debut season with short-season Vancouver, starting pitcher Andrew Bailey appeared poised for a big year. Unfortunately, a spring injury has delayed his debut with a full-season affiliate. We caught-up with Bailey at extended spring training, where he is back on the mound.

OaklandClubhouse: How are you feeling at this point?

Andrew Bailey: I'm feeling great now. I'm back to 100 percent. I came into spring training strong and I had a little mishap there and it shut me down a little bit.

OC: What was your injury exactly?

AB: I had a strained oblique muscle on my left-hand side. It was my first full bullpen [this spring] and I felt it go. I said something to the trainer and they shut me down for awhile. It was actually good [that he was shut-down] because over the next couple of days, I really couldn't do anything. It hurt to stand-up and bend over, do anything really.

OC: Was that the first time you'd had an oblique injury?

AB: Yeah, it was the first time I had ever had that. It was a strange hiccup there. I've never had that before.

OC: Did you start throwing at the start of extended spring training or were you throwing before that?

AB: Well, they shut me down for about a week and a half, two weeks there. I guess I started throwing about 120 feet the last week of spring training, but I didn't really get into any bullpen sessions until extended spring training. I kind of figured [once he was hurt] that that was kind of the plan anyways.

I did the normal routine stuff once I was healthy again. I partook in the practices and everything in spring training once I was healthy. Once I was in extended is when they allowed me to throw off of the mound again.

OC: How many innings are you stretched out for now?

AB: My last outing I actually threw three innings and tomorrow will actually be my first start and I am scheduled for four innings and 65 pitches.

OC: What has the extended spring training experience been like? Are there games every day?

AB: It's a little more laid back than your regular games. Everyone is basically getting their work in. It is pretty similar to regular spring training that way. We pretty much play every day. We have Sundays off, which is good, I think, because it gives your body a day to rest and recover a bit. We are on the field at seven o'clock in the morning stretching and our games are at 10:30, so you are home by two-three o'clock.

OC: Do you have a time-frame at this point for when you would be heading out to a full-season affiliate?

AB: Right now, I'm just going through their rehab program. Like I said, tomorrow I'll have four innings and 65 pitches. My next start after that will be five innings, 80 pitches. I guess after that I've got to wait for a spot to open up or something to happen.

Hopefully, as soon as I can they'll ship me out, but it's kind of waiting game. I really have no idea what their intentions are or where they will send me to. I just really want to get back on the field and playing in some games that count.

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