Q&A With A's Sixth Round Pick Scott Hodsdon

With their sixth round selection in the 2007 draft, the Oakland A's took Scott Hodsdon from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. Hodsdon had a stand-out year for the Cougars both as a pitcher and as an infielder. The A's selected him as a pitcher, and we spoke with Hodsdon about becoming a pitcher full-time, where he will begin his pro career and more…

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Name: Scott Hodsdon
School/Year: Azusa Pacific University/ Senior
Position: P
Throws: Right
Round Selected: Sixth

Short Bio: Hodsdon was an accomplished two-way player at Azusa Pacific. He went 10-1 as a pitcher with seven saves and a 3.17 ERA. He had three shutouts, tying a school record, and set the school's single-season strikeout mark with 116 in 108 innings. Hodsdon was also a prodigious hitter, blasting 26 homers and driving-in 100 runs. He was the GSAC's Co-Player of the Year, along with teammate Stephen Vogt. He is the third-highest draft selection in Azusa Pacific team history. Hodsdon became the first Azusa Pacific player to be drafted by Oakland since Jason Ray was taken in 2005.

OaklandClubhouse: First of all, congratulations on being drafted.

Scott Hodsdon: Thank you.

OC: Had you had any sense before the draft that the A's were interested in you?

SH: I had talked to their area scout quite a few times and he told me that they were really trying to get me. I had also talked to a few other teams, so it was really a toss-up between a few teams that I thought [would draft him]. I was just happy to see that the A's selected me. They have a great organization and I am looking forward to playing for them.

OC: Sounds like they are interested in you primarily as a pitcher, but I know that you played a lot of infield in college. Are you on-board with being a pitcher full-time and giving up playing a position?

SH: Many of the guys who were talking to me had asked if I preferred either one and I really love playing both. I think I could have played either one, but they thought I would be better as a pitcher and I am happy with that and am just really excited to get started.

OC: What is your pitching repertoire right now?

SH: I throw a four-seam fastball, a two-seam fastball, a change-up, a slider, a curveball and a split-finger.

OC: Which one is your out-pitch right now?

SH: This past season, it has really been my slider.

OC: Is that a pitch that you developed recently?

SH: I actually started throwing it after my freshman year and I have been developing it ever since.

OC: If you were trying to describe your style as a pitcher, would you describe yourself as an aggressive pitcher, someone who is going to challenge hitters, or more of a pitch to the corners control pitcher?

SH: I really go right after the hitters. I throw a lot of pitches over the plate and let them try to hit it. I definitely try not to worry about the corners too much. It is a big part of baseball, but I don't like to walk too many hitters, so I try to be aggressive over the plate as much as I can and try to match my best with their best and see what happens. Hopefully, I come out on top.

OC: Did they give you any indication about when you sign whether you would start in Vancouver or Arizona?

SH: I'll be going to Vancouver. I am actually leaving on Thursday morning. I believe the season starts on the 19th.

OC: Have you officially signed then?

SH: I'm actually going to sign the contract tonight. I am meeting with my area guy tonight.

OC: Congratulations!

SH: Thank you.

OC: Was there a team that you followed growing up?

SH: Growing up in Southern California, I have always been a huge Angels fan, so it will exciting to hopefully play some games at Angel Stadium if I make the big leagues someday. That would be fun.

OC: Are you going to miss being a position player at all?

SH: I'm going to miss hitting, I think. I love hitting. Of course, being in the American League, I will only have a chance to hit – assuming I make it to the pros – when we play the National League team in their place. That will probably be the biggest thing that I miss. Getting to play everyday is great, but pitching is great too.

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