A Boy Named Sew: The Lance Sewell Interview

Jeremy Knight recently caught-up with Oakland A's seventh round pick Lance Sewell, who was selected out of San Diego State in June. Knight spoke with Sewell about his role on the C's pitching staff, his velocity and more...

The Oakland A's seventh round draft pick, Lance Sewell, is off to a good start to his professional career. In three outings for the Vancouver Canadians, Sewell has thrown three scoreless innings, striking out six and walking three while allowing one hit.

A day before the 6'3" lefty departed on the C's most recent road trip, Jeremy Knight collared Sewell after batting practice for an interview. Sewell had yet to make his pro debut at the time of the interview.

Jeremy Knight: You've only been here a couple days, but has there been any word on when you'll be on the mound?

Lance Sewell: Yeah, I think I should be in the next couple of games on the road but I threw a bullpen today, so I should be good to go over the next couple of days, wherever I'm needed. Hopefully it'll be soon.

JK: You were a relatively high draft pick in 2007, but did you think you should have gone higher? Were you happy with where, and who, you went to?

LS: I think Oakland is a good organization, and I couldn't be happier with the team. Now my work starts and I have to get the job done.

JK: Has Coach [Rick] Magnante told you yet if you'll be a starter or reliever in your first couple of games?

LS: I'll do whatever they ask, and that's all I can do right now.

JK: As of right now, what would you say is your go-to pitch?

LS: [Laughs] They all are, man! I'm hoping that'll be the case, anyway, but I guess I'll find out once I step on the mound.

JK: What should we expect on the velocity from your fastball?

LS: During the season I was 89-92, but near the end it slowed off. So maybe 85-87, or it could be 90-91… It all kind of depends.

JK: Assuming you're a reliever, you're in a crowded Vancouver bullpen, with a couple of lefties already in the mix. Is that an issue at this level, or will situational match-ups take a back-seat to everyone getting their innings in?

LS: Well, it seems like everyone is getting their playing time, so I don't think that'll happen. It's going to be given out fairly, and players will play in the right situations.

JK: From what I understand, you played lacrosse at a high level. Was it tough making a decision on which sport to choose?

LS: [Laughs] That was a misprint. I played on a summer team, so I'd have to take baseball!

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Jeremy Knight is known as Canada's wonderkid of sports reporting. He covers CFL football, college baseball and minor league hockey for The Roadkill Sports Blog, and pro baseball for Notes From The Nat and Scout.com ... when he's not in detention.

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