Pacman Denied

Pacman Jones and his attorneys had been hoping that a small window of opportunity might still be open for him to enter training camp on Friday.

Greg Aiello NFL vice president stated in a release on Thursday "The request by Adam Jones to revise the terms of his suspension so he could participate in training camp has been denied."

Coach Jeff Fisher commented in his press conference on Thursday "It's what we have expected throughout the offseason -- that he will not be permitted to participate in training camp, and he will only be permitted to use the facility one day a week for treatment and counseling."

"We've moved on. We're looking forward to filling the holes. We feel like we've done so with the roster. Now we need to do so with production on the field."

It appears that his one year suspenion will stand and he will receive a review of his conduct after the tenth game of the season by Commissioner Goodell.

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