Q&A With Supplemental 1st Rd Pick Corey Brown

A lot was expected of Vancouver outfielder Corey Brown when he was selected by the Oakland A's in the supplemental first round of this year's draft. The talented center fielder has not disappointed in his first pro season, as he has hit for power, taken his walks and covered a lot of ground in center field. Jeremy Knight recently spoke with the Oklahoma State alum about his first pro season...

Corey Brown is enjoying success in his first year in the minor leagues, batting .268 with 11 home runs and a 924 OPS. The Florida native, who was selected 59th overall by the A's in the 2007 MLB draft, spoke with Jeremy Knight before one of Vancouver's recent road trips to talk about Nat Bailey Stadium, the life of a ballplayer, and much more.

Jeremy Knight: What did you think of being drafted in the compensation round? Was that good for you or do you think you could've gone higher?

Corey Brown: It was good for me, my agent told me there were teams that liked me at the end of the first round who I possibly could've gone to, but I guess I slipped or that was where I was going to go anyways. I was really excited to be drafted in that spot and I was excited to be drafted by the A's.

JK: Was there any thought in your mind that you'd go back for your senior year [at Oklahoma State]?

CB: No, not really. I had three good years at Oklahoma State and I was ready to play pro ball and I felt like I had a good spot in the draft and it was a good opportunity for me to take.

JK: What do you think of the Vancouver team this year?

CB: The team, they're good. The first day was a little hard not knowing anybody, because I'm a shy, laid back person, but to be out here at the park is fun, the guys are cool and everyone's good.

JK: What do you think of the fans?

CB: They seem pretty good to you, they seem like good fans and they're behind us. There are a few hecklers but it's a great environment.

JK: You've hit three home-runs at home this season, and eight on the road. That puts you tied for third in the Northwest League [through Saturday], but having hit just three at Nat Bailey Stadium does that tell the fans what you think of the dimensions at the Nat?

CB: I think maybe I could've squeezed out one or two extra, but I think that as I've seen I'm a little better hitter on the road. I don't know why that is, but I guess some people might think because of the field and the dimensions but it just turns out that way.

JK: What do you think of your first year of professional baseball?

CB: It's tiring. It's fun because you meet a lot of new guys, and you have a lot of good guys on the team but at the same time it's tiring because you're not used to playing this many games after playing 70 games in college, and it's hard to get used to it all.

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