Suzuki Impressing Geren

Rookie catcher Kurt Suzuki put on quite a show blocking balls behind the plate Wednesday against the Seattle Mariners, and he had quite an appreciative audience on hand to watch it.

Oakland A's manager Bob Geren, a catcher himself in his playing days with the New York Yankees, gushed praise for Kurt Suzuki on Thursday.

"Last night was probably the best night of blocking balls in the dirt that I've seen," Geren said.

"Dan Haren throws a lot of nasty split-fingered pitches. He blocked every one flawlessly. He's been good since the day he got here, but he keeps working hard."

Suzuki has been under a microscope since taking over the starting catcher's job after Jason Kendall was traded in mid-July. Much focus has been placed on the pitching staff's transition to a new catcher. Suzuki also has turned heads with the power he's shown at the plate.

On Wednesday, he impressed Geren -- and others -- with his defensive work in blocking pitches in the dirt.

Besides Geren, third-base coach Rene Lachemann is a former catcher as is bullpen coach Brad Fischer.

"You've got me, Rene Lachemann and Brad Fischer, all former catchers," Geren said.

"We're very impressed."

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