Q&A With A's 32nd Round Pick Bryan Collins

Over the past few years, the Oakland A's have had success selecting relievers from the state of Missouri. Relief prospects Jeff Gray, Steven Sharpe and Mike Mitchell all pitched collegiately in the "Show Me State." The A's hope to have similar success with 2007 32nd round pick Bryan Collins, who attended Central Missouri. Jeremy Knight spoke with Collins before the end of the Vancouver season.

One of the more low-key pitchers on the Vancouver Canadians, 6'2, 205 pound Bryan Collins had a productive rookie campaign in the Northwest League. He picked up a win in his final game of the season leaving him with a record of 1-1 on the season, that goes along with a 6.59 ERA that he picked up in 27.1 innings.

Collins averaged nearly a strikeout an inning, and gave up only one home run as a member of the C's bullpen. Bryan spoke to Jeremy Knight, prior to the Canadians season ending.

Jeremy Knight: You have a Texas Longhorn's shirt on right now - would it be fair to say they're your favorite college team?

Bryan Collins: Definitely. I'm from Texas, so that's who I represent.

JK: Vancouver's Nat Bailey Stadium is a pitcher's park, is that a good place for you to start off your professional career?

BC: Oh, definitely. I mean, guys always try to hit one out and heck yeah it's a good park.

JK: Being a reliever, and pitching in smaller parks on the road, coming into tight situations, is it harder for you than pitching at the Nat?

BC: It's hard to adjust but not really. As long as you make your pitches, and hit the spots. Once in a while guys will beat you, but you have to make your pitches and hope it goes your way.

JK: You were drafted in the 30's in this year's draft, was that a spot you were happy with or do you think you could have gone back to college and done better in a future draft?

BC: I guess I could've done better. The thing for me, in terms of being a power pitcher, I had a real tough time locating my off-speed and I think that's why I was selected the way I was. And I have no problem with it. You have to just go out there and deal with it. You have a shorter release on you than a first-rounder but everyone has their jobs to do and I have to do what I do no matter what round I get drafted in.

JK: Have any work plans in the off-season before heading to spring training?

BC: Definitely. I want to be in the gym, like everyday. I might take a little time off, but I mean staying in shape, trying to get your stamina up, and be ready to go when Spring Training comes around.

JK: Are you a video-gamer?

BC: Yeah. Actually, I'm a computer gamer. I play this game called World of Warcraft and I got to level 56, but I haven't really had time to play it over the year.

JK: If you see yourself in a baseball video game, would you know you've made it big?

BC: Yeah, I guess you could say that. Actually seeing myself on a baseball card was pretty big. So, definitely.

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