Q&A With A's 33rd Round Pick John Quine

Over the years, the Oakland A's have had their share of players with Bay Area ties enter their system. When John Quine was selected by the A's in the 33rd round of the 2007 draft, the Kentfield, CA, native was added to that list. Jeremy Knight spoke to the USF and College of Marin alum after a late season game in Vancouver.

Injuries plagued the Vancouver bullpen this season, but no player was feeling those effects more than John Quine. The alum from the University of San Francisco missed a month of action with an arm injury, before returning to the C's bullpen in late-August.

Quine pitched twice more after his injury, including a brillant effort September 3rd at home. He finished the year with a 4.43 ERA in 22.1 innings for Vancouver.

The Bay Area native took time out of his after-game festivites to talk to Jeremy Knight after one of the C's final games.

Jeremy Knight: You were picked in the early-30's in this year's draft - was that a spot you were happy with?

John Quine: I was a fifth-year senior and I knew I was going to go late. I was looking for an opportunity to play baseball and I could've gone as the last pick in the last round and still signed. I knew I was going to get no money so it wasn't a big deal to me.

JK: In a word, how would you describe your first year as a pro? Tiring?

JQ: [Pauses] Tiring, interesting, disappointing, I don't know it was fun, I'll put it that way.

JK: You were out of action for a month with an arm injury, how did that affect you coming back on the mound [near the end of the season]?

JQ: It affected me more mentally than anything. Right when I got hurt I was starting to get comfortable, and I was starting to pitch well. I went down for a month, and played really poorly in Eugene and that was a pretty big blow mentally. It felt really good to come back last night and end the season on a good note. It was a good end of the year.

JK: You opened the year as a starter, before becoming a reliever for the rest of the year. Which do you prefer more?

JQ: I actually started relieving and then went to starting before going back to relieving. It's all the same, you just pitch at different times of the game. I haven't started since Junior College so like three years ago. It was a fun, I obviously could've done it a couple more times but I did alright and it was a good experience.

JK: Giants or A's?

JQ: You can't ask that. Giants. But I respect the A's, I love the A's.

JK: If you were pitching against Barry Bonds would you intentionally walk him?

JQ: [Laughs] No. I'd throw to him.

JK: If you had the chance to give up the 756th home-run of his career would you do it?

JQ: [Laughs] If I can get royalties on the poster.

JK: What are your off-season plans?

JQ: [Still laughing] Sleep 'til Christmas.

JK: Good plan.

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Jeremy Knight is known as Canada's wonderkid of sports reporting. He covers CFL football, college baseball and minor league hockey for The Roadkill Sports Blog, and pro baseball for Notes From The Nat and Scout.com.

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