Inside The Ports: 1st Week Offensive Notes

After Thursday evening's win against the Modesto Nuts, the Stockton Ports have now officially reached the one-week mark for the season. Stockton correspondent Paul Muyskens gives us his impressions of and a few andecotes surrounding some of the Ports' position players after the first week of games.

Note: All stats good through Thursday, April 10

Chris Carter
Carter is still looking to get on-track.
Carter has the look of being a fantastic player and he has shown a few glimpses of what he's capable of, but so far this season, he has been a bit of a dissapointment. He is hitting .167 (5-for-30) with two triples and an RBI while walking once and striking out nine times. Carter has shown pretty good speed for a guy his size and just missed hitting his first homer of the year on Tuesday with a ball that hit off the top of the wall which he turned into his second triple.

Carter was on second base with one-out on Thursday and he must have gotten a bad read on a Jed Morris blast that was clearly headed off of or over the wall for a homer as the ball slammed off the wall and he was thrown out at home and it wasn't even close. I have heard a few stories about how he's a nice guy around the ballpark, but with his great size, I would have liked to see him hit the catcher and try to knock the ball loose instead of seemingly just stopping and letting the catcher tag him. He has played three games at 1B where he has looked fine and the rest as the DH.

Sean Doolittle
Doolittle has shown power early.
After a two-homer night on Thursday in Modesto, Doolittle is now hitting .333 (10-for-30) with two doubles, a triple and three homers. He has walked three times while striking out six times and has knocked in 11 runs.

I would really love to see people continue to argue that he can't hit for power, as all three of his homers were tape-measure shots. His first homerun of the season came at home to center as part of a 4-for-4 night that saw him need a double in his last two at-bats for the cycle. Both homers on Thursday night were bombs to right-center.

There was quite an amusing scene on Thursday, as a Modesto fan did an obvious "Do-Less" heckling of Doolittle for most of the night. Right before his last at-bat of the night, the fan again started hollering at Doolittle and on the first pitch he saw, Sean hit his second homer of the night, which went even further than his first. As Sean rounded second and headed towards third, (where the fan was sitting) the fan started bowing and saying "well done, Doolittle, well done".

Doolittle really takes what is given to him at the plate and tries to put the ball in the gaps for extra bases. Against an outfield that was severly shifted to the left, he took an outside pitch and lined it to right after a lengthy at bat for a triple. He has made some nice plays in the five games at 1B, including two catches over fences on balls out of play. He has DHed during the other three games.

Archie Gilbert
Gilbert had a good first week.
Gilbert is the surprising team-leader in hits with 12 in 32 at-bats from the leadoff position. Thus far, he is doing exactly what the Ports hoped he would. He is hitting .375 with a homer and two doubles while walking twice and striking out three times. Gilbert has the Ports' lone stolen base on the season but he has been caught stealing four times.

Gilbert does what a standout leadoff hitter needs to do and finds a way to get on-base. He really doesn't overwhelm you as a huge threat at the plate, but he is a good contact hitter who puts the ball in the holes and gets on-base. I am a bit surprised that he's been caught as many times stealing as he has so far this season as he seems to be one of the fastest runners on the team. Gilbert has played in all eight games in either CF and LF and he has made some great jumps and reads on balls to make the catch.

Frank Martinez
Martinez has been solid at third.
Martinez is third on the team in hitting at .310, with nine hits, and he has scored six times. He has a double, a triple and a homer and is second on the team with five RBI.

Similar to Gilbert, Martinez just does what he needs to do to get on-base, although Martinez has a bit more power. He started the season in the seven hole and has worked his way up the order and is now batting in the three spot.

Martinez has been solid at 3B despite one error, and he has made the plays he should make with a few nice stops and catches in fair territory.

Jed Morris and Matt Smith
The catching hasn't looked to be a strong point this year after Stockton was forunate to have guys like Anthony Recker and Kurt Suzuki in prior years. Both Morris and Smith have caught four games, while Smith is batting just .182 and Morris .143. Morris has a homer. Both catchers have a passed ball on the year already while Morris also has an error. There has been a total of seven wild pitches by the Ports staff this season already with a few that may have been blocked by a better defensive catcher. For the homestand, the opponents were 10-for-12 stealing bases with one of the two caught stealings coming on a 1-3-6 that saw Anderson catch the runner trying to take off.

Other Notes
Matt Sulentic - He has played all six of his games in RF and has looked fine. He is 2-for-16 with a homer and eight walks. Sulentic looks to walk in most at-bats and has been in the nine hole all season.

Jermaine Mitchell - He is batting .263 (5-for-19) with nine strikeouts (most of them swinging). Mitchell is a solid defensive outfielder with a decent bat.

Josh Horton - Horton had one game with three hits and only two hits the other seven games, as he's batting .192. He has been batting second behind Gilbert, and Horton has a team-high seven walks and looks to have a decent swing that's just not finding holes.

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