Oakland A's Prospect Q&A: Jeremy Barfield, OF

One member of the Vancouver Canadians was already a household name to many C's fans before he even arrived in Canada. Jeremy Barfield is the son of former Toronto Blue Jays' great Jesse Barfield. Last weekend, Jeremy Knight caught-up with Jeremy Barfield, who has been a focus of much media attention early in his pro career.

Jeremy Knight: Do you carry a bit of pressure with the last name Barfield, playing in Canada? Does it add to the pressure of playing pro ball, and playing at a pitcher's park?

Jeremy Barfield: Yeah, it's not really a whole lot of pressure. I've never heard people refer to my dad so much though. I guess it's cause he played more in Toronto than anywhere else, so everyone's always saying, "Jesse this, Jesse that." Playing in a pitcher's park you have to make adjustments, and you know it's my first time playing pro ball, so I have to think about a lot of stuff.

JK: We've seen you throw the bat a couple times this series. Is it fair to say you're not happy with the way you've been swinging the bat?

JB: I don't know if it's the way I've been swinging the bat, it's more like the results. The ball just doesn't fall here, and you have to get used to that, and make adjustments. If I keep doing what I did to get here, and hit that ball, [the results will come].

JK: Are you excited to get on the road, and hit in hitter's parks, where the fences are closer in? So maybe you can hit one out like you've been trying to do here at Nat Bailey?

JB: Yeah, definitely. On the road there's less pressure, there are no fans cheering for you, so it's something I'm looking forward to, especially since the parks will be smaller and the ball will carry more. Being a power hitter, I need the ball to carry.

JK: Your brother Josh also plays professional baseball. Has he taught about what the everyday life is like?

JB: Yeah, absolutely. My brother's told me, but my dad's also told me a lot about it. Me and Josh talk everyday about baseball, and how to prepare for this-that-and-the-other.

JK: You've been hitting 6th and 7th in the order. Do you hope to move up in the order after hitting on the road?

JB: I don't care where I hit, as long as I play. I just want to play everyday and show them what I can do. Hitting later in the order, you get better pitches to hit, so I don't really care.

JK: Two years ago you were drafted by the Mets organization in the 9th round, and this year you were taken by the A's in the 8th round. Did you want to play a bit of college or did you just want to turn pro?

JB: I wanted to play pro ball. I enjoyed Junior College, but I wanted to play professional baseball and once I got drafted by the A's, and I had my mind set on signing, and I didn't want to go to school, I'm done with school.

Writer's Bio
Jeremy Knight is known as Canada's wonderkid of sports reporting. He covers CFL football, college baseball and minor league hockey for The Roadkill Sports Blog, and pro baseball for Notes From The Nat and Scout.com.

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