Taylor's Tales: Viva Las Vegas

The Sacramento River Cats are in the middle of a four-game series against the 51's in Las Vegas. Michael Taylor checks in from Sin City with his latest blog entry.

Well we are almost through the first month of the season and everyone is starting to get settled in with their living situations and the grind of playing everyday. As a team, we had a rough patch at home where we lost six games in a row in a variety of different ways but that's baseball and we have bounced back here in Vegas taking the two of the first three games.

With this being my first full year in Triple-A, I am really starting to see just how much movement there can be as we have already had several guys called up and sent down. It is actually extremely exciting to see a guy get his first opportunity or another chance to play in the major leagues.

Vegas is an interesting town to say the least. It is actually nice playing here because there are so many options for post-game food and fun. Although thus far my time at the black jack table has produced very few positive results.

As a club we have really started to swing the bats well as a team. We have a few guys rolling right now and we are putting up double-digit hits in games again and giving ourselves a chance to win. Personally I am still hovering in that "some games I feel good, others I feel ok and the next I feel not so great" area, so I am still working hard to find some consistency and get proverbially "locked". But that's what's great about baseball, we play everyday for six months and we are 20 days in so there's always time. But definitely want to get it going as fast as possible.

After this series we finally have our first day off (much needed) and back on the road at Fresno for a four game set. Now for some questions:

1) I'm really excited you are with the A's now. Can't wait to see you in Oakland! What is more fun for you: throwing out a runner on the bases or hitting a homer? Paul K., San Ramon

I am going to say hitting a homer and I think you'd be hard pressed to find a hitter who thinks otherwise. LOL

2) I was at the A's game on Saturday [against Baltimore] when Ryan Sweeney had the walk-off hit. I was wondering if you had ever hit a walk-off and what that felt like? Michelle, Reno

Yeah I have been fortunate to have a few and it definitely feels great. The days are so long and there's so much preparation that is involved so it's always great when it comes down to you and the pitcher for a chance to win the game. Doesn't happen very often and when you come through the feeling is sweet.

3) I'm a longtime River Cats' fan. It seems like you guys are struggling right now. Any thoughts on why? Craig H., Sacramento

Sure, we were struggling to score runs. The object of the game is to score more runs than the other team. When you don't do that, most of the time you lose. (Yogi Berra-ism)

Thanks Craig and everyone else for the questions!

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