Taylor's Tales: Sweet Home, Sacramento

After a long, eight-game roadtrip, Michael Taylor and his Sacramento River Cats' teammates are happy to be back in the River City. Taylor talks about the benefits of home in his latest blog installment.

We arrived home late last night after an eight-game road trip and, man, does it feel good to be home. Despite our record we played well considering the circumstances. It seems like we have been a man short the entire year as far as position players are concerned. Yesterday, due to some injuries, Marcus McBeth, a former position player turned pitcher, was our DH. He actually had one of the better days at the plate, making all of us regulars' wonder if it really is just that easy? Ha.

Now that we are home after a long road trip there are several things that have to get done those first few days. First and foremost, laundry! This is the time when you see every player with his laundry bag as he heads into the locker room.

After I get what I need washed together I move on to other pressing matters, like cleaning up the apartment, going to the grocery store, paying rent, cable bills, internet bills, writing blogs, all the things that elude you on the road. The best part about being at home is being sure of your routine and your surroundings, especially the first time you're in a league.

I know where I want to go get sushi if that's what I want in Sacramento. I know where the store is if I need to pick up supplies. They seem like small things but having familiar spots can be comforting especially if the on the field activities are not going your way.

We also have required activities that are easier to complete at home. We have to condition and lift weights as a part of our mandatory program all year. We condition every other day and have to get in three lifts in any eight-day period. Getting these done is a lot easier at home than it is on the road mainly because we have more time on the field and the weight room facilities are at the stadium when we are home.

So overall getting to be home is great and hopefully some of these creature comforts will lead to some more victories. Thanks for reading this week. I only got one question so here we go:

Michael, what are your thoughts on the Oakland hitting philosophy (i.e.: extreme patience at the plate) vs the Phillies' hitting philosophy?

How much has the new hitting paradigm been a struggle to incorporate into what you had been taught with Philadelphia?

-- Jon L.

Umm, honestly hitting philosophies change from person to person, and I haven't really paid a lot of attention to any overarching hitting paradigm (to quote you) with regards to my game. I am always searching for my own way to have success based on my abilities. Sometimes in my career it has worked with great success and other times it has been elusive. I just keep working to find what I want everyday.

Thanks for the question.

Michael Taylor

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