Oakland A's Prospect Q&A: Daniel Straily, P

With 66 strike-outs in 59 innings last season for Vancouver, Daniel Straily was a bright spot from the 2009 draft class. The right-hander has continued to rack-up the Ks for the Kane County Cougars this season, with 70 in 64.1 innings. David Malamut spoke with Straily last weekend.

David Malamut: How has the season gone so far?

Daniel Straily: It's going pretty good. It's had it's ups and it's downs, learning a lot, learning a lot about myself. Being a first year here in a full season, it's been good.

DM: What do you throw?

DS: Four-seam fastball, two-seam fastball, change-up, slider and a curveball.

DM: What do you ultimately want those pitches to do to a hitter?

DS: Two-seam fastball you want a little run or a little sink. Change-up, downward plain hopefully arm side.

DM: What's your mentality on the mound?

DS: Go after hitters and keep attacking the strike zone. Keep things simple and one pitch at a time.

DM: What did you learn at Thurson High School, in Springfield?

DS: That was the first time I really got a chance to play. I didn't get to play that much at my first high school. I just learned to have fun and go out there every day and give it my best.

DM: Western Oregon?

DS: I learned how to deal with frustration a lot, learned about college baseball a little bit.

DM: Marshall?

DS: I learned a lot. I had a really good pitching coach there. I learned a lot about the mental game, how to face hitters, how to prepare a little better.

DM: Why did you transfer?

DS: I wanted to play Division I baseball?

DM: How was draft day?

DS: I was on a bus up in the Northwoods League playing for St. Cloud and we were on a road trip. We just stopped for lunch and I got a call there and they told me I was drafted in the 24th. I was a little shocked because I got a bunch of phone calls that day.

DM: How about being with Oakland?

DS: Really glad. Everything I heard has come true about the way that they develop pitchers, and a great organization to be in.

DM: How was Vancouver?

DS: A lot of fun. Spent a lot of time up there. It was a great first half season, a great way to introduce to pro ball.

DM: Travel?

DS: Going to school at Marshall, we had a lot of 8-12 hour bus trips. The thing about the Northwest League is I'm from up there. Going back to places I was going to growing up as a child. I got a chance to pitch in my hometown.

DM: Midwest League?

DS: I'm liking it a lot out here, the travel is really nice, nice ball parks for the most part.

DM: You pitched well yesterday (6 IP, 3 H on July 12)?

DS: It was a good bounce bad for me. I just got back to the attacking the strike-zone mentality, just really trying to focus on getting ahead, and not try to do too much with my pitches.

DM: Play anything besides pitcher?

DS: I was a catcher and third baseman until my sophomore year of high school. My junior year I was a relief pitcher and I played third base and outfield. My senior year was the first year I really started pitching a lot, and I played first base when i wasn't pitching.

DM: Biggest influence growing up?

DS: My parents, really always being there for me and supporting me. I feel like every single game one of them was always there.

DM: Biggest baseball hero growing up?

DS: Mike Piazza. I born in Southern California. I went to my first Dodger game when I was two years old, and got a Mike Piazza mitt.

DM: Top 5 artists in your iPod?

DS: Realiant K, Switchfoot, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban.

DM: What do you like to do besides baseball?

DS: Relax, talk to my girlfriend, watch movies.

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